Lazy mom discovers the secret to not washing dishes: covering the table with aluminum foil.


Rebecca Cubberly, a mother from Telford, England, found that she wasted a lot of time washing up after dinner with her family. Therefore she lined her table with aluminum foil and dumped the food on it. She like this. She only withdraws and takes advantage of the time to rest.

When it’s time to eat, we all enjoy delicious dishes. However, all the joy is gone when it’s time to clean up and wash the dishes. More than anything, at dinner, because cleaning is the only thing that keeps us from our bed to go to sleep.

This is when we come across those famous 5-minute ideas, which mostly seem very strange and more complex than what they solve. However, Rebecca Cubberly has discovered the secret to quickly cleaning up the kitchen and going to rest.

This English mother’s trick is completely covering her table with aluminum foil. Also, try not to use plates or cutlery. This way, her family of 4 can eat quietly without thinking about everything they will have to clean up afterward.

Best of all, it’s self-service.

Rebecca put five strips of aluminum in her dining room, then placed minced meat on top, vegetables, nachos, cheese, and burritos. When she finished eating, instead of washing five plates, a frying pan, and cutlery, she only had to wash her knife and chopping board, plus she used a deep fryer to cook her meat.

“We like fussy meals, and it’s more fun this way, and the cleanup afterward was great, I had a knife and chopping board to clean,” Rebecca told the Daily Mail.

In addition to avoiding washing the pan with the deep fryer, he also saved time, while the aluminum foil only removed it. She took the opportunity to rest while her husband Karl bathed the children.

It takes a lot of time to prepare and clean up after a long day; typically, I spend approximately 30 minutes. We will 100% do it again. Along the way, we will try many different things, like pizza and lunch. When we have a delicate tea, when I’m not in the mood to wash dishes, when I have a plowman’s, etc.,” he commented, according to the outlet.

By sharing his new trick on social networks, opinions were divided. “There are no plates, Nevertheless, it will spend up to 400 years in a landfill.,” someone said to which Rebecca replied that she had recycled the paper, while others thought it was a brilliant and exciting idea to imitate.

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