Laura Dern recalls how fiancé secretly left her for Angelina Jolie


In 1999, the surprise marriage of Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie grabbed headlines, leaving many astonished.

The couple not only had a big 20-year age difference, but they were also in relationships with other people, which made things more interesting.

Laura Dern, Billy Bob’s fiancée, was also caught off guard. She found out about her partner’s marriage to Angelina at the same time as everyone else, which completely surprised her and disrupted their relationship plans.

Billy Bob and Laura started dating in 1997, not long after Laura broke up with Jeff Goldblum and Billy Bob was going through his fourth divorce with Pietra Dawn Cherniak, according to E! Online. They were together for two years and were getting ready for their wedding when Billy Bob met Angelina on the set of Pushing Tin in 1999.

Laura was surprised by her whirlwind romance ending in a spontaneous wedding in Las Vegas in May 2000. She later revealed that her boyfriend got married while she was away working on a movie, and she never heard from him again. This sudden turn of events left her feeling lost and confused, without any closure.

Although Billy Bob has never admitted to any mistakes, he did show remorse in a 2001 interview. He mentioned, according to the Mirror, “Some may think you abandoned our daughter and married another person. However, it brought happiness to me and someone else. I apologize for any hurt it caused.”

Laura and Angelina had a surprising connection – Laura used to babysit Angelina when they were kids, according to Yahoo.

Bruce Dern, Laura’s father, remembered a particular moment. He mentioned that Laura babysat for Angelina when Angelina was 2 years old and Laura was around 8 years old. This happened because Bruce and Jon Voight, who is a friend of his, were working on the movie “Coming Home” in 1978. They were staying at Hal Ashby’s house, so they asked Laura to come over and watch Angie.

After the split, Laura got help from her friend Melissa Etheridge, who remembered assisting Laura in moving out of her place with Billy Bob.

During an interview on Andy Cohen’s SiriusFM radio show, Melissa revealed that she had personal experience with Angelina’s behavior towards Laura Dern while she was involved with Billy Bob. Melissa also mentioned that she had helped Laura move out of her house with Billy Bob, even going as far as breaking into their home to retrieve their belongings due to the unpleasant situation.

Afterwards, all the people involved continued with their lives. Laura later married Ben Harper, and they have two children together. She has also been rumored to be in a relationship with former NBA player Baron Davis.

Billy Bob and Angelina ended their marriage in 2002, causing Billy Bob to stop dating famous people because he wanted more privacy. In 2014, he married a puppeteer in an attempt to find a calmer life away from the public eye.

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