Lady declines to assist her struggling family since they abandoned her nine years back.


Anybody can’t overstate the value of a supportive household. Individuals instantly seek their loved ones for help when they are in distress. However, would it be ok to demand assistance from somebody you rejected once they were in need? Is it appropriate to anticipate help from a child you abandoned for her lack of religion long ago?

Unlike most kids, Redditor u/Born-Problem-8280 declined to assist her family because they abandoned her nine years back. However, she felt a little bad for not helping her broke family members with health issues. She then went to this well-known forum and enquired whether it was correct or incorrect.

Due to her decision to become a stripper, this lady’s devout family excommunicated her.

Extreme religious convictions can occasionally destroy relationships. Children of religious families frequently exhibit revolutionary behaviour and even aggressiveness toward religion. They observe their coequals enjoying more extraordinary social privilege and less structured home surroundings. They thus believe that things aren’t right in their lives or that their parents are too commanding and trying to control their lives.

The woman’s dad made her attend a Christian institution even though she wished to join a regular school.

The original poster stated that her family was devout and preferred that she attend a Christian institution rather than a secular one for her studies. Her family stopped funding her educational expenses after rejecting their suggestion and enrolling in a conventional school.

She became a member of a strip club to cover her costs.

Once her family learned she was employed as a stripper, they abandoned her even though she was making great money.

She decided to stop attending school because she was earning well at work. Her father informed her that she was no longer welcome in the household as they learned the truth. None of her close relatives helped her (besides her two cousins). She thus likely felt alone and unloved.

She currently lives happily and prospers professionally.

The poster stated that she is currently in excellent financial shape. She has a variety of income sources, as well as a home, a housing complex, and a Car. She could quickly assist her family, though she is reluctant to do it anyway.

Her family sought her assistance after becoming broke, neglecting how they had treated her years earlier.

Nearly a decade later, her family only got in touch with their daughter because they had financial problems. The poster said that they went bankrupt and had some health issues. The woman said she could not assist them since she no longer had her parents. She said, “As per their faith and church, my income was gained by sinful ways. Therefore, using it is to doom your spirit to evil”.

The family received a mouthful of their very own poison when she refused to assist her family members.

Do you believe she was wrong in declining to assist her mom and dad? What will you do in such a situation?

Most commenters have defended her and informed the woman that she made the correct decision since her family made a decision in the past and didn’t even apologize to her.

The woman declines to assist the struggling family because they abandoned her nine years back.

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