Kittie picks a wheelchair-bound girl to be his mother.


Richey had found the perfect family for himself. The pair looked like they were made for each other.

Making friends wasn’t a thing in Kiley’s life until she met Richey.

However, everything changed for Kiley after meeting Richey.

Richey wasn’t terrified of Kiley’s electrified wheelchair, unlike other kitties.

Being outside without a roof over the head taught him to be courageous. Richey also appeared to have lived in a household before. This made him the ideal fit for Kiley.

Richey was a white cat. He was discovered by cat activist Chris Poole while feeding an undomesticated territory.

The blue-eyed kitten frequently visited the eating area of the territory.

Richey seemed insatiably hungry and was clearly a housecat that had been abandoned. “I think his family moved away from the flats and left him behind,” says Poole.

Poole observed the kittie responding when he began to speak to him.

Poole was finally able to touch Richey after feeding him with catnip.

Richey was coaxed into a container with catnip by Poole, who determined that Richey would indeed be an excellent rescue cat. Poole then took Richey to the veterinarian.

Richey was vaccinated, registered with a name, and microchipped there. And then Richey was adopted by Suncoast Animal League.

Richey was well looked after there. He cherished affection and wished to be petted and caressed nonstop.

Richey used to be quite vocal. Yet adjusted successfully to be an indoor cat. He was all ready for adoption.

Larissa Condarcure is the person in charge of Suncoast animal league. She knew the perfect match for Richey.

A few months ago, Lori Griggs( mother )and Kiley (daughter ) had a visit to the shelter.

They were in search of a pet cat. However, it wasn’t easy to find a cat that fit them since the cat had to be fearless of Kiley’s motorized wheelchair. It was quite a challenging search.

With no time, Richey jumped up onto Kiley, despite Kiley being a complete stranger.

It was a moment of overwhelming happiness for Kiley. The cat didn’t show any kind of fear toward the wheelchair. It was all about hopping on the lap and getting cozy.

Griggs added that Richey didn’t care about the wheelchair roaming in the house. He won’t move and will stay at the exact spot like a speed bump. Also, once the cat carrier in Kiley’s bed is opened, he gets directly upon Kiley and starts to snuggle.

The cat has become a permanent part of the family. The main thing he does all day is snuggling on Kiley’s lap in the wheelchair while Kiley does her school work.

Richey’s favorite habit used to be snuggling on the lap. Within a short period, the pair became best pals.

Griggs mentioned that Kiley is homeschooled, so much attention is needed. In case Richey has become the most incredible support emotionally.

Within a short period, he became an inseparable part of the family. He snuggles all day on Kiley’s lap in the wheelchair.

Like to watch the pals together? Go watch the video below…

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