Kind people step forward to help the kids who lost their parents. Their mother was shot, and the father died in grief.


Irma Garcia, a mom of four, a loving wife, a tutor, and an active participant in the Uvalde community in Texas, lost her life during a shootout by a teenager in Robb Elementary School.

The sudden tragedy was painful for her family. 23 lives were lost in the terrible incident, and 19 out of the victims were kids. The families of the 19 dead kids will have to progress in life without their kids. And the 4 kids of Irma will be doing so without their parents.

Yes, they lost their father too. The children’s father suffered a heart attack shortly after Robb’s primary school massacre. Irma and her husband were high school sweethearts who got married later. They celebrated their 25th anniversary recently.

23-year-old Cristian, 19-year-old José, 15-year-old Liliana, and 12-year-old Alysandra are the couple’s four kids.

Sadly, the kids’ position was not looking good as they lost both their mother and father. Debra Austin, Irma’s cousin, took care of the 4 kids after the death of Irma and her husband. Debra launched a GoFundMe campaign to gather funds for the future expenses of the kids.

“Irma was an incredible woman. Irma did everything she could to protect the kids from the merciless shooter. She cared more about the children in her classroom than her own life and sacrificed herself to defend them. Kindly aid her family by donating anything you can. The earnings will go to the Garcia family for different costs.

There had been over 40,000 contributors by the weekend, and about 2.5 million dollars had been raised. John Martnez had already started a website and collected a substantial sum but declared that Debra’s request would be the sole one according to a family choice.

John’s request was closed as Debra Austin launched a GoFundMe campaign; John stated that the funds would be sent straight to the Garcia household. However, John was blamed for scamming, and Debra Austin addressed the allegations and proved John’s innocence. She affirms the kind man’s desire to help the cause.

Despite the disaster, society didn’t abandon them. People quickly reacted to the request, and an enormous sum was raised in a brief period.

While the couple’s children are uncertain about their future, they will at least get financial freedom to help them grow up and get an education.

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