Kelly Clarkson is a mother who spanks her kids if they get out of line


Kelly Clarkson has spoken about the moral lessons she instilled in her children. The mother of two admitted that she will spank her children if they don’t behave properly in an interview. She claims that this is a widespread practice in Louisiana, where she currently resides.

Clarkson hails from Texas’s Fort Worth. River Rose, 5, and Remy, 3, are her children; she also has two stepchildren from her first marriage to Brandon Blackstock. She responded, “I’m not beyond a spanking,” which some people don’t like, when asked how she handled discipline with her kids. And she doesn’t mean a hard beating, just a swat on the behind.

She goes on to claim that her parents spanked her and that because of her success in life, she is content with who she is and why she behaves the way she does. She continued by saying that she always receives a warning before acting.

She is from the South, where spanking is prevalent, the Voice coach said.

She does admit, however, that doing so in public can be challenging because those who disagree are ready to pass judgment.

Whether or not spanking is an effective form of punishment over a lengthy period of time has been a topic of discussion. Others believe it to be dangerous, while others believe it to be safe.

The American Academy of Pediatrics opposes spanking and all other forms of “corporal punishment” as methods of child discipline.

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