Keanu Reeves thanked his fans on his knees after they gave him a standing ovation.


Reeves never ceases to amaze his followers, and once again, he had a humble and kind gesture with his fans at the CCXP 22 Expo Brazil: “In addition to being a fantastic actor, he is a gem of a person,” commented one follower.

The Canadian actor Keanu Reeves, at 58 years old, is recognized as one of the most beloved personalities in the Hollywood industry. Apart from his incredible charisma and humility, Keanu is an actor who cares about his fans, and his incredible gestures with them have won the hearts of the whole world.

One would think that with the passage of time, we would already be used to his actions, but he never ceases to amaze us. On this occasion, he had great detail for his fans in the middle of the CCXP 22 Expo Brazil. It is one of the most significant events in the country, where everything related to the geek world is celebrated, such as comics, series, video games, etc.

Reeves visited the venue to promote the fourth installment of John Wick. At first, everything was going according to normal, but suddenly the conference attendees began to applaud him standing up for several seconds.

Given the love of his fans, Keanu was moved and thanked his audience. The actor realized that the thank you with his hands was not enough, so he bowed. But even so, the applause did not stop. Keanu decided to kneel entirely in front of his fans, which caused the euphoria to grow.

The fact also caused great fascination among his millions of followers around the world, who left messages like: “Keanu Reeves, in addition to being a fantastic actor, is a jewel of a person whose humility makes him GIANT AND ILLUMINATED.”

“I will never get over it! What a great man“, “I love him so much! He will make the most impossible things for his fans to see”, “It is already the world of Keanu Reeves, we just live in it”, “That man is INCREDIBLE, I lost my voice from screaming so much” and “The purest, the most incredible , the best of all.

Lots of love to Keanu!” other people added.

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