Keanu Reeves surprises an 80-year-old fan of his; He is such a great soul.


Sometimes the name Keanu Reeves maybe not be familiar to hear of. But if I told Neo from The “Matrix”, John Constantine, John Wick, John \traven from “Speed” or Kevin Loman from “The Devil’s Advocate”, immediately you will visualize the character in your mind.

Other than acting, he is well known for his acts of kindness.

A few weeks back a question was posted on Reddit asking, What’s something a person has done that completely changed how you view them? Here a story was shared by a Reddit user which highlighted Keanu once again.

It was about an 80-year-old Grandma that was granted Keanu’s kindness.

The Grandma of Reddit user afdc92 had a crush on Keanu who appeared just like her late husband. She had watched all of Keanu’s movies. She got a chance to spend time on movies while she was told to stay home for a stroke in her early 70s.

The story began in a fancy restaurant in LA. While the Redditor’s uncle was having a meal he saw Reeves entering the place with a woman with him. It was the time when “The Matrix” was released in theatres.

After some time when Reeves had his meal, his uncle approached Reeves. He told Reeves that her 80-year-old mom had watched all of Reeves’s movies. She loves him because Reeves looks as same as the uncle’s father.

Immediately after hearing that, Reeves asked if he could make a phone call to the Grandma.

The Redditor has shared a comment telling that Reeves did speak with the grandma for several minutes. the amazing kindness brought a delight to the life of the old lady who was isolated for a long.

Not so many have witnessed the story, but in case Reeves is habitual of random acts of kindness, the incident seems pretty believable.

Another Redditor told, “There is almost no positive story I would not immediately accept about Keanu Reeves. It’s been conditioned, after 20 years of just referring to stories about random, wholesome acts of non-showy kindness.”

Reeves is one of the most well-known talents in the world with his films earning millions in no time. Yet the man is a great soul with kindness filled from top to bottom. He is a down-to-earth individual at all means.

He is well-reputed and loved by all as he has never been entangled in any primary scandal. Not easy when Hollywood has everything on the bid for big stars.

His roles in movies range from comedian to hero and so on. But his real-life character is much bigger than that of movies. You may even encounter him on a motorcycle on weekends.

In terms of Money Reeves has no issue since he is a well-paid actor.

Once he had stated that, “I’ve earned a lot of money, but I want to appreciate life and not stress myself growing my bank account. I give lots away and live simply, primarily out of a suitcase in hotels. We all know that right health is more important.”

Keanu Reeves is a treasure and should be protected at all costs!
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