Keanu Reeves Says He’s Been Married To Winona Ryder For Almost 30 Years


Keanu Reeves prefers to keep his relationship private, as there are too many opinions involved.

In 2021, Reeves confirmed that he was still married to Winona Ryder. Their marriage had endured for 29 years. Keanu provides his reasoning.

The wedding didn’t have the usual white dress, flowers, and big gathering of friends and relatives. Instead of a church, they had the ceremony on a movie set with a film crew.

During the making of the film “Dracula” in 1992, this event did not happen.

Reeves mentioned filming a marriage scene with actual priests. When asked if they are still married, he replied that Winona and Coppola both believe they are, so he considers them married in the eyes of God.

Francis Ford Coppola directed the film and believed that using a real church as the setting would enhance the authenticity of the wedding scene. He stressed the importance of honesty in portraying a Greek Orthodox Christian ceremony.

The marriage scene between the protagonists turned out to be more genuine than they initially thought. Coppola mentioned that they actually performed the ceremony with a real priest, making it truly authentic and beautiful. After completing the scene, they realized that Keanu and Winona were actually married because of this ceremony.

“I think we’re married in real life“
During media coverage for the 2018 film “Destination Wedding,” Entertainment Weekly interviewed the pair. They were interested in their relationship. Ryder firmly believes that they are married in the eyes of God due to the vows they exchanged.

Version 1: She claimed, “I believe we’re married, even if it was just for a movie scene. In that particular scene, Francis had a genuine Romanian priest officiate. We filmed the entire ceremony, so I genuinely think we’re married.”

It was recently discovered that they used to have feelings for each other, but neither of them did anything about it or knew that the attraction was mutual.

Keanu and Winona have been good friends for a while, and “Dracula” wasn’t their only movie together. As mentioned before, they also appeared in “A Scanner Darkly” and “The Private Lives of Pippa Lee,” along with other films. They even worked together in “Destination Wedding.” Despite not dating each other, they have their own romantic relationships while maintaining their friendship and professional bond.

Sandra Bullock, a close friend of Reeve, shared her thoughts in the December issue of Esquire. She believed they could have been a great couple and achieved what others couldn’t. Unfortunately, they never took the opportunity to explore a relationship.

Bullock mentioned that Keanu seems to be friends with all the women he has dated.

No one seems to have anything negative to say about him. Perhaps we could have made it through. I’m not sure. But we didn’t need to endure anything.

She mentioned, “We have the opportunity to grow up together on parallel paths, acknowledge each other, have meals together, and collaborate. As time passes, I become increasingly amazed by this person.”

Version 1: In the end, she defends her actions by stating, “Could I have expressed that if he had broken up with me and angered me? Most likely not.”

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