Keanu Reeves is not the only one: 5 celebrities who won the affection of the public.


Although the actor charms us with his bright personality, there are others who have also won our hearts.

Keanu Reeves is one of the most memorable and iconic characters in the world of cinema. From his role as Neo in The Matrix, John Constantine to John Wick among others, each of his roles have been highlighted in a good way. However, his fans not only appreciate him for his talent, but also for his personality in his daily life, as he is considered one of the most humble celebrities in the industry.

Reeves is known for having an extremely friendly and close personality with everyone he comes across. In addition to standing out for enjoying a simple life without extravagance. The actor is usually seen on the streets as a common citizen, since he prefers not to have a life full of luxuries like most artists of his stature.

The actor allocates a large part of his earnings to his various non-profit organizations that he created without relating them to his stage name, which are especially dedicated to cancer research.
The artist is always excited in interviews and, despite having years of fame and success, it seems impossible for him to leave aside that close and humble personality that identifies him so much.

But Keanu is not the only artist who has managed to captivate his fans with his personality, here we show you other celebrities who won the hearts of the public for their kindness.

Here are 5 celebrities as friendly as Keanu Reeves and who won our hearts.

1-. John Cena.

In addition to his outstanding career as a fighter, he also has a great and successful career as an actor. Best of all, he has used his fame for good reason. The celebrity earned the Guinness World Record for granting the most wishes at the Make-A-Wish Foundation, dedicated to granting wishes for children ages 2 to 18 facing serious illness.

The actor managed to fulfill 650 wishes in total.

2-. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Dwayne Johnson is also considered as one of the most loved actors in the whole world. This giant Samuan always professes his great generosity towards his loyal friends and even those in need.

The actor has also fulfilled wishes on Make A Wish and given awesome gifts to his closest friends as a way of thanking them for supporting his career.

3-. Brendan Fraser.

The actor was reborn after years away from show business and has generated the love of millions of fans who support him after confessing that he experienced difficult times in his life.

The premiere of the film The Whale raised his quality as an actor and his performance could earn him an Oscar nomination.

4-. Tom Cruise

In addition to being the top action movie star, he is known for his humility and above all for pleasing his fans on red carpets, since he takes all the time necessary to live with the vast majority, if not all. He takes photos, signs autographs and even talks with them as he goes and without pressure.

5-. Hugh Jackman

Another of the most charismatic and beloved actors by the public, always smiling and above all a gentleman, takes photos, signs autographs and always comes down to earth.

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