Keanu Reeves called his granny fan to thank her for her support.


The lady spent a lot of time inside her house watching the actor’s movies on her screen. This simple call brought him unprecedented happiness.

Keanu Reeves never ceases to amaze us with his displays of humanity. Although the actor is known for having an empathetic and affectionate attitude towards his followers, each of his acts of gratitude surprises us more every day, softening our hearts.

On this occasion, an elderly fan was the recipient of these cute actor attitudes. In addition, for the granny, this interaction had an extraordinary meaning since the actor reminded her of her deceased husband.

A user on a forum, who identified himself as the lady’s grandson, shared the cute anecdote: Because he made her think of my grandfather as a child, my grandma fell in love with Keanu Reeves. She’s seen all of his movies, from Bill and Ted to The Matrix.”

Unfortunately, the lady suffered a stroke that prevented her from going outside. Her grandson comments that “ watching movies was her main pastime”. Also, the people he saw on the screen “were almost like hers friends of hers,” as he couldn’t see hers very much.

Shortly after the first Matrix movie was released, the lady’s son was in Los Angeles having lunch at a restaurant when he ran into Keanu Reeves. It was at that moment that the man took courage and went to the table where the famous actor was and told him: “Usually I would not do this, but I just wanted to let you know that my mother, who is 80 years old, adores you and has seen all of your films. You make him think of my dad.”

To be honest, the chances of you running into a celebrity like Reeves are slim, so the man needed to seize the opportunity. What happened next is one more example of the actor’s great heart since he suggested contacting the lady.

According to the grandson, Keanu said to his uncle: “Do you have a phone handy?” Luckily, he did. Let’s remember that before 2000 cell phones were not so common. The celebrity told him: “Call her, I want to talk to her.”

The man immediately called his mother and handed the phone to the actor to speak with her. According to the grandson: “She talked to my grandmother for several minutes and that absolutely made her entire year an amazing one.”

The young man also added that the lady felt very isolated and that the actor’s “genuine kindness” showed that he was an incredible man. Even though many wanted to know what the woman and the actor had talked about, the grandson decided to keep that part to himself.

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