Keanu Reeves appears by surprise at the wedding of a couple who invited him to a bar


The groom had met the actor in a bar in his town where his wedding ceremony was to take place. He invited Keanu to the wedding, and the actor did so.

When organizing a wedding, one of the things that the bride and groom have to spend a lot of time thinking about is the guests. Although at first, you would think that you can invite everyone you know, let’s remember that each guest costs and for this reason, it is a select list. However, when you feel like someone goes, you extend the invitation no matter what.

This was the case with Keanu Reeves, who surprised a couple who invited him to their wedding after meeting him in a bar, and the actor ended up attending.

The actor was near Fawsley Hall in Northamptonshire (United Kingdom). It was then that the boyfriend, James saw him having a drink. According to his now-wife, Nikki Roadnight, her husband approached the actor and “invited him to come say hi and have a drink with us if he wanted. He was very kind and he said that he would do it later. We didn’t know if he would come or not, but it was great that my husband talked to him,” she says.

The best thing was that during the ceremony, one of the workers warned a couple of the arrival of a “special guest”. It was Reeves himself: «Everything was fascinating. I went to greet him and introduce myself. I offered him a drink, but he declined and said he had just had a long flight, so he wouldn’t stay long.’

Keanu spent some time chatting with the other wedding guests and taking photos with them to capture the moment.

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