Kate Middleton didn’t tell anyone about her surgery, and here’s the reason why.


Buckingham Palace announced the medical procedures of both King Charles and Kate Middleton, but their approaches differed. King Charles’s operation was disclosed to everyone beforehand, whereas Kate’s surgery was only revealed after it had taken place. Sources suggest that this contrast in timing was deliberate.

Stephen Lock / Avalon/Photoshot/East News, Stephen Lock / Avalon/Photoshot/East News

According to a palace source, being more transparent about the situation was considered wise, as without this openness, people might have jumped to negative conclusions. In their official statement, they elaborated that King Charles chose to discuss his diagnosis openly to reassure others and remove any stigma surrounding seeking treatment.

It appears that the approach had a positive impact. Magazines report a significant 1,000% surge in individuals seeking information about prostate enlargement on the U.K.’s National Health Service website following the king’s announcement.

Members of The Royal Family attend The Together At Christmas Carol Service at Westminster Abbey, London, UK, on the 8th December 2023.//GEORGEROGERS_sipa.20232/Credit:George Rogers/SIPA/2312111633

The choice to inform everyone about King Charles’ medical procedure in advance was made to prevent rumors and alleviate concerns. They believed that being transparent and fostering a supportive atmosphere would be more beneficial.

Conversely, they opted to delay sharing news about Kate’s surgery to afford her some privacy during the process.

Members of The Royal Family attend The Together At Christmas Carol Service at Westminster Abbey, London, UK, on the 8th December 2023.//GEORGEROGERS_sipa.20260/Credit:George Rogers/SIPA/2312111633

This careful decision-making also took into account the distinct nature of the surgeries and the public perceptions of King Charles and Kate Middleton. By doing so, Buckingham Palace successfully shared information while also respecting privacy boundaries. Moreover, their approach sparked greater interest in health discussions among the public.

Princess Kate underwent abdominal surgery, and according to a royal insider, she is “doing well.” She required hospitalization for a period of 10 to 14 days and would need an additional three months to recover at home. Although the palace did not specify the exact nature of the issue, they did confirm that it was not related to cancer.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – DECEMBER 05: Catherine, Princess of Wales, Patron of Evelina London officially opens the new Children?s Day Surgery Unit in London, United Kingdom on December 05, 2023 Stringer / Anadolu

The palace relayed a message from Kate expressing gratitude for everyone’s concern. She expressed her desire for things to remain normal for her children and emphasized her wish for her health details to remain private.

Indeed, being a public figure comes with its own set of challenges. Constant attention and scrutiny become a part of daily life, making it difficult to navigate personal challenges with the same level of privacy that others enjoy.

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