Kate del Castillo does not want children and even less to adopt: “I’m cool but not that cool”


Kate del Castillo is a well-known Mexican actress who has participated in several important film and television productions. Her most recent projects, “La reina del sur” and NBC Universal Experience, keep her busy between promotions and commitments.

His participation with NBC is to celebrate the company’s good results, present upcoming projects, and announce the new seasons of its most successful series. In the meantime, the actress has focused on her personal and professional growth and on being aware of her family. However, at 50, she is still being questioned about her decision not to have children.


In fact, now it was her parents who showed concern for their daughter’s “loneliness”, in addition to considering that she should have already started a family at her age. The First Actor, Eric del Castillo, currently participating in the Televisa novel “My Secret”, recently declared that he hopes his daughter will adopt soon.

To which Kate bluntly replied: “Adopt what? A puppy? Oh no. If I didn’t want to have one of my own, what am I going to be having from someone else? Nope! I’m cool, but not that much.”


They asked her about the possibility of remarrying since the actress has already done it twice, first with the former soccer player Luis García and later with the actor Aarón Díaz.

“I have a wonderful family, but I have never formed one of my own. I have never wanted to order children. If I had wanted it, I would have done it, period. It has never been a topic that has caught my attention, partly because of the bad experiences I have had with my ex-partners,” said the Mexican.

As expected and because of how del Castillo has handled his personal life, she replied: “No, imagine at my age and getting married again, that would be the last straw” however. She maintains a relationship with the director of photography, Edgar Bahena.

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