Kastellorizo is home to one of the nation’s most enormous submerged caverns.


One of the most stunning Mediterranean natural landmarks is located in the island’s southern region.

Kastellorizo, a pristine area, is home to one of the nation’s largest underwater caverns.

One of the most magnificent natural landmarks in the Mediterranean is located in the southern part of the island and is recognized across the globe for both its musical richness and its deep blue seas.

Kastelorizos’ “blue cave” is home to monk seals, usually imperceptible to outsiders. Because of this, it is also known as the “Cave of Parastas” or “Fokiali.”

The cave is home to hundreds of wild pigeons in addition to seals, and its floor is home to uncommon and unusual fish species.

The cave is 35 meters in height, 40 meters in width, and 75 meters in length.

Its entrance, however, is so tiny that you have no idea what to expect once you reach the inside because it is tucked between the rocks.

One of the rarest geological formations on Earth, white stalactites surround the cave’s high dome.

The stalactites in the cave take on distinctive hues when the sun’s rays penetrate, and the water in the cave turns a stunning shade of blue that mesmerizes the visitor.

The stunning sight is most beautiful in the morning. Only tiny boats may enter the cave. Therefore it can only be accessed by boat and only in favorable weather.

The entrance is locked, and the cave is inaccessible with wind and high surf. In Kastelorizo, in addition to the well-known Blue Cave, there are four more caverns of exceptional geological beauty, including Fotsaliki, Colones, the cave of Arnaoutis, and Katrantzis.

View a tour of the Blue Cave in the video.

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