‘General Hospital’ actor Johnny Wactor passes away at 37 — Grieving mom reveals tragic details


Johnny Wactor passes away at such a young age. The actor’s grieving mother spoke out and bravely shared the grim cause of his death below. Our deepest condolences to the beloved actor’s bereaved family.

At the age of 37, Johnny Wactor, who gained fame for portraying Brando Corbin on the popular television show General Hospital (GH), passed away.

As reported by TMZ, Wactor was shot and killed in downtown Los Angeles.

According to Scarlett Wactor, the mother of the deceased actor, her son and his colleagues observed three men interfering with his car. Although they did not confront the individuals, Wactor was shot by the suspects before they escaped from the area.

The paramedics arrived a short while after 3 a.m. and quickly took him to the hospital. Unfortunately, he was declared dead upon arrival.

From 2020 to 2022, Wactor made an appearance in the ABC daytime soap. He played the role of Brando Corbin, who entered the show as Gladys’ (Bonnie Burroughs) long-lost son. Brando tied the knot with Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) but tragically met his end when he was stabbed by The Hook.

Johnny Wactor as Brando Corbin in the medical series “General Hospital” as seen in a video shared on YouTube on April 30, 2022. | Source: YouTube/GeneralHospitalOfficial

Wactor’s friends and coworkers paid their tributes.

Mattsson, who portrayed his on-screen spouse and later grieving partner, expressed her deep sadness.

She expressed her admiration for Johnny, describing him as the best, genuine, caring, hardworking, humble, kind-hearted, and joyful. She mentioned how he made everyone feel seen, heard, and loved, and how she was a better person for knowing him.

Johnny Wactor is seen in Old City on October 29, 2023, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. | Source: Getty Images

John Lindstrom, the co-star, shared his sorrow and felt deeply disturbed upon hearing the news. He mentioned that Johnny was a unique individual in the entertainment industry, known for his kindness, modesty, and selflessness. Johnny was a gifted young man who simply wanted to showcase his talent to the world.

He expressed his desire to have an abundance of love that could heal the void felt by Johnny’s loved ones, acknowledging the impossibility of such a feat. He also mentioned that Johnny’s absence will be deeply felt in this world.

William DeVry expressed his sadness over the loss of another #GH Alum, stating that words cannot fully capture the sorrow he feels. He described the loss of Johnny as senseless and emphasized what a good person he was. Rest in peace #JohnnyWactor, and thoughts of love and comfort go out to his loved ones.

TV host Frank Buckley expressed his sorrow and outrage over the tragic death of actor Johnny Wactor, who was fatally shot by thieves attempting to steal his catalytic converter. Wactor had recently performed in a staged reading of one of Elena’s screenplays in 2021, delivering a stellar performance and showing kindness to all. Our thoughts are with his loved ones during this difficult time.

Michael Fairman, a journalist and producer, shared his sadness over Wactor’s untimely death. He mentioned feeling devastated, expressing sympathy for Johnny’s family during this difficult time.

In television, Wactor appeared in shows like Army Wives (2007), Siberia (2013), Agent X (2015), Vantastic (2016), Animal Kingdom (2016), Hollywood Girl (2010), Training Day (2017), Criminal Minds (2017), Struggling Servers (2017), Age Appropriate (2017), NCIS (2019), The OA (2019), Westworld (2020), The Passenger (2020), Station 19 (2023), and Barbee Rehan (2023).

Johnny expressed his gratitude to fans in a now-deleted Instagram video, thanking them for their support and loyalty. He called them the best fans in the world and appreciated their passion and support, regardless of their reactions to his character’s demise.

Johnny Wactor attends the Queen of the Universe International Beauty Pageant at the Saban Theatre on March 16, 2014, in Beverly Hills, California. | Source: Getty Images

Wactor expressed his gratitude for being a part of General Hospital, stating that they have the opportunity to bring stories and characters to life. He finds it incredibly rewarding to see the passion and investment that viewers have in the show, making his job even more enjoyable. He feels blessed and will miss the fans dearly.

Johnny Wactor attends Get Lucky For Lupus LA at Peterson Automotive Museum on September 12, 2013, in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images

He’s outlived by his mother, and his younger brothers, Lance and Grant.

Our deepest condolences go out to the family of this remarkable individual. May he find eternal peace.

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