Johnny Depp’s session shows that he is still the most handsome man in the world.


Johnny Depp tops several lists if we talk about favorite, handsome, talented, and irresistible actors.

This sexy actor knows how to win over the public with his fabulous performances, eccentric style, and great appeal.

In recent weeks, he has been in the eye of the hurricane of great scandals due to his divorce from Amber Heard.

Depp had remained on the sidelines but recently opened up in an interview for GQ British magazine and expressed his deepest feelings about what he is going through. He stressed that being one of the most famous people in a social scum is very difficult.

¨ people were suing me for whatever, but hey, it was obvious that this would happen. I never thought it would be Cinderella, I know, and I accept. However, in a very, very short period of time, the Cinderella version quickly morphed into the beast’s version. It hurt me to be presented as something far from who I really am,” she told GQ.

Johnny defends his side of the story and assures that he could never lay a finger on the person he loves, in addition, he also assures that he could only be violent with those who seek to hurt those he loves.

The famous Hollywood star ends his interview by telling how difficult it has been for her relatives, especially her children, to read the news about her alleged violence.

¨This has not been easy for my children, going to school and hearing them say, ‘Hey, look at this magazine, man. What’s up? Does your father hit the aunts or what?’ They shouldn’t go through that. They don’t deserve it”, Johnny Depp was disappointed.

This situation led the actor to plunge into depression. The people who love him and all his fans showed great concern for him. However, the time has done its thing and he is standing despite the problems but with a lot of motivation to back to what it was.

Next, we show you the photo session that shows that he is now more irresistible than ever:

What is your favorite performance?

What do you think about this hottie? Isn’t it still a charm?

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