Jennifer Garner purchased the farm that had belonged to her grandparents since 1936 and revitalized life on the property.


For more than seven years, Jennifer Garner has been residing on her own farm, tending to vegetables, fruits, and raising animals and birds. She exudes happiness from this lifestyle. Her choice to embrace farm life has inspired many other celebrities to move away from the bustling Los Angeles to the countryside. A visit to Jennifer’s farm aims to uncover what makes this rural lifestyle so wonderful.

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The future actress was born into a conservative family. Her father worked as a chemical engineer, while her mother was a homemaker. The family, consisting of three daughters, was raised with strict rules; during their teenage years, the girls were not permitted to wear makeup, paint their nails, or pierce their ears.

However, Jennifer speaks fondly of her childhood. She laughs about the appearance of herself and her sisters during that time, all sporting similar bangs and protruding ears.

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In 1990, Jennifer Garner initially enrolled in university with chemistry as her major but soon switched to theater. After graduation, she ventured into acting in movies. The role that brought her fame was Sydney Bristow in the series “Alias.” For her performance, the actress won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Television Series Drama and received four nominations for the Primetime Emmy Award.

Many also remember her portrayal of Dr. Eve Saks in the drama “Dallas Buyers Club,” where she starred alongside Matthew McConaughey. This role earned Jennifer a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination.

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Jennifer’s first husband was actor Scott Foley, whom she met on the set of “Felicity” in 1998. However, the couple separated five years later. From 2005 to 2018, the actress was married to actor Ben Affleck, and they have two daughters and a son together.

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Motherhood made Jennifer Garner realize the importance of ensuring the timely development of children. With abundant energy for her own family and others, the actress became an ambassador for the non-profit organization Save the Children USA, dedicated to improving the lives of children worldwide.

Since 2014, Jennifer has served on the board of trustees for the organization and has actively promoted national literacy and early education efforts. She frequently visits families participating in the Early Steps to School Success program.

In addition to her advocacy for education, Jennifer is passionate about promoting proper nutrition for children. She has taken this commitment to a hands-on level by co-founding and serving as the chief brand manager of Once Upon a Farm, an organic, fresh baby food company.

The foods produced by Once Upon a Farm are cultivated on a farm Jennifer purchased with personal significance. It’s not just an ordinary farm; it holds a special history as the place where her mother grew up. Jennifer used to visit the farm as a child and even enjoyed fishing in the local pond with her uncle.

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Garner’s grandparents embarked on a picturesque journey back in 1936 when they acquired a charming 20-acre haven, complete with a quaint two-bedroom abode that lacked modern comforts like electricity, plumbing, and running water—all for the humble sum of $700, as narrated by Garner’s mother, Patricia English Garner, in a delightful piece for Southern Living in 2018.

As the years passed, Patricia’s parents expanded the homestead with an additional 35 acres, cultivating a vibrant tapestry of crops including lettuce, radishes, English peas, young potatoes, beets, green beans, tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers. Pecan trees graced the landscape, offering a modest income, while the family tended to a lively array of chickens, cows, and pigs, ensuring a bounty of farm-fresh delights.

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After Patricia’s father’s passing in 1962, the farm passed through various familial hands. In a heartwarming twist, Garner took the reins in 2017, acquiring the farm from her uncle Robert. The agreement allowed Robert and his wife Janet to continue stewarding the land, residing in a modern dwelling they crafted on this pastoral canvas, as Patricia lovingly recounted in her 2018 Southern Living feature.

Pumpkins take center stage as the farm’s mainstay, contributing to the seasonal allure of Once Upon a Farm packaging. Blueberries, field peas, and rye also make appearances, not just for their agricultural prowess but to enhance the soil. Local wildflowers bloom in vibrant hues, while industrious honeybees add their signature buzz to the farm’s melodic symphony. And let’s not forget the charming “moo-guards” in the form of cows named Simon, Boaz, Pete, May Apple, along with the porcine duo Nat and Omelette.

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The farm has become a successful enterprise. In one of her Instagram posts, the actress wrote, “Look, Mom, your farm has come to life! 700 blueberry bushes, 50 fuyu persimmon trees, 3 cows (as grass management and pets), 2 farmers (uncle Robert and aunt Janet), and 1 farmer wannabe — yours truly.”

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The actress shares her rural adventures on her Instagram page, where she humorously refers to herself as “farmer Jen.” Fans of Jennifer Garner can see her driving a tractor or singing songs to carrots.

“Farmer Jen” believes that all plants need love and care. In one video, she even kissed the plants, stating, “Our blends are filled with the freshest fruits, yummiest vegetables, and…love.”

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The actress actively promotes her fruit and vegetable business and regularly shares recipes for healthy dishes made from natural foods on her social media pages. For instance, instead of the usual chips, she suggests treating family members to kale chips.

To make these healthy chips, it takes 15 to 25 minutes. Coat kale leaves in olive oil, add salt, optionally sprinkle with grated parmesan, and place in the oven at 200°F.

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The founders of Once Upon a Farm are actively involved in charity. For instance, a portion of the proceeds from Farmer Jen’s Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookie blend was donated to Save the Children USA, as mentioned above.

On her blog, the actress expressed that Once Upon a Farm is dedicated to raising funds for those in need and is committed to serving one million meals to children from low-income families.

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Jennifer Garner strongly believes in teaching children to eat healthily from an early age, stating, “If you want your kids to grow up loving healthy food, give them healthy food they love.” To ensure that children don’t refuse to eat fruits and vegetables, the actress shares life hacks on preparing healthy snacks for kids.

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Judging by the numerous photos and videos on Jennifer Garner’s blog, the farm she revitalized is now thriving. The celebrity, who works there tirelessly, expresses gratitude, saying, “Thank you, Earth. Thank you to my grandparents, Harvey and Violet English, for this land.”

The serene life in the midst of nature is a genuine dream, which is why many celebrities, like Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, buy farms and find happiness in gardening and animal husbandry.

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