Jamie Lee Curtis poses naturally with grey hair; at 64, she looks spectacular.


Jamie Lee Curtis’ incredible career is enviable, and there is no doubt. He made his debut in a horror film in 1978, and since then, he has not stopped working, showing different facets in each of his projects.

Yesterday, the annual Golden Globe Awards took place, awarding the best of American film and television in 2022 and awarded by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Jamie Lee Curtis was one of the actresses who impressed everyone with her class and elegance.

The 64-year-old actress attended as part of the critically acclaimed Everything Everywhere cast, which took the award, and Lee Curtis celebrated with his peers and enjoyed the night.

She is one of the actresses who show showing face, body and hair according to her age since, for several years, she has shown her grey hair to the world without feeling sorry for her or becoming “frowned upon” in addition, that has always been a sign of ageing.

A few days ago, the famous was chosen among the 30 famous faces that starred in the pages of the renowned Vogue magazine, in the British edition, for its annual Hollywood portfolio before the awards season begins.

With a sexy black dress with transparency and close to the body, Far from trying to look younger, she posed free and aware of her age, her short grey hair and incredible confidence.

“Same advice I give to young people who want to do what I have to do: ‘It’s so fucking fast, you’ll be surprised how fast everything is. Try to be in the present moment,’” he declared in the same magazine.

Finally, he said the important thing about belonging to the industry is to be as faithful to your essence and always show your best side. Her photos, confidence, talent and quality as a human being have led her to be at the top and have the success she has now.

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