Jamie Lee Curtis cries as she remembers her parents when she wins the SAG Awards.


Jamie Lee Curtis made everyone feel something with her speech at the 2023 SAG Awards. The 64-year-old actress got emotional and delivered an inspiring, positive speech. Above all, she paid tribute to her late parents, who shaped the person she is today.


Curtis won an award for her role in “Everything Everywhere All at Once.”

When she heard her name, Curtis was surprised, and she kissed her co-star Michelle Yeoh on the lips. As she went on stage, she got really emotional and said, “Come on!” when the audience gave her a standing ovation.


It’s clear that Jamie Lee Curtis got her artistic talent from her parents, who were actors named Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh.

Even though her mom passed away in 2004 and her dad in 2010, Curtis made sure to honor and remember them, giving a special tribute to their Hollywood journey as two artists who paved the way.

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The star became very emotional and cried when she mentioned, “I’m wearing the wedding ring that my father gave my mother.”

Curtis continued by saying her father was from Hungary and her mother was from Denmark, adding, “They had nothing, and they became these huge stars in the industry.”

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In her speech, the 64-year-old mentioned that her parents were both actors and expressed her passion and gratitude for her profession. She went on to say, “I love actors. I love acting. I love the work we do. I love being part of a crew. I love being part of a cast. I love the collaboration. It’s such a wonderful job.”

She also recognized the challenges that come with being in the entertainment industry, acknowledging that many actors struggle to find work and have moments of doubt, wondering, “Will it ever be possible for me?”

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Curtis expressed her pride in her accomplishments, saying, “I’m 64 years old, and this is simply incredible!” She also shared her admiration for her 60-year-old co-star, actress Michelle Yeoh, revealing that she accepted the role just to have the opportunity to work with her.

Jamie Lee ended her speech by saying, “What a dream…”

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After the ceremony, Curtis told reporters that she wore her mother’s wedding ring to “bring” her parents to the event. She explained, “This morning, I was choosing my jewelry for tonight, and I found it in a small box, and I thought about my parents. I wouldn’t be here without them.” It’s evident that this ring brought luck to the award-winning actress, and we can be sure her parents would have been extremely proud of their daughter’s accomplishment.

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