Jail for not paying his son’s pension, he will also pay a large amount of money


Justice has finally been established in the state of Chihuahua, despite extensive discussion on the matter. A guy who was facing criminal charges for allegedly neglecting to provide his kid with the support he was entitled to received a penalty from the legal system.

It’s possible that many “unencumbered” parents are anxious about doing the same and not facing any sort of punishment now that the news has been made public.

The judge overseeing the case decided that Iván Osiel MJ must serve six months in prison for failing to provide the money to buy food required for the growth and development of the son he had with his former girlfriend. As a result, the case against him is nearing its completion.

From October 23, 2018, through April 23, 2020, the process took place. The case was handled by the Public Ministry of the Central District Prosecutor’s Office, and Iván Osiel was found guilty by Control Judge of the Morelos Judicial District.

They complained about him, and the ministry’s inquiry found that he ceased providing the necessary help in January 2018, which means he hasn’t done so in four years.

The arrest warrant was issued by a Control Judge of the Judicial District as a result, and various State Agency components complied with it.

Iván Osiel, 35, was detained and brought to court. Given the circumstances, the defendant followed a particular expedited procedure and admitted guilt.

The judge’s decision to forgo the suspended sentence was finally made public. He will now serve a six-month prison term and must additionally pay 57 000 396 pesos in addition to his prison term, in damages.

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