A research reveals your body knows when death is near, and it all starts in the nose


It all begins in the nose!

Doctors and researchers are still puzzled by certain aspects of the human body, even after years of research and technological advancements. Given the complexity of our bodies, this is not unexpected.

Some individuals possess a sixth sense, enabling them to anticipate events beforehand. A recent study has unveiled that we can also detect the approach of death. According to scientists, when a person passes away, their body instantly starts to deteriorate. This process releases putrescine, a repugnant and poisonous odor produced by decomposition. Evidently, humans unconsciously identify this decaying smell. Moreover, the release of this scent triggers an immediate reaction.

Two scientists, Arnaud Wisman from the University of Kent’s School of Psychology in Canterbury, UK and Ilan Shira from the Department of Behavioral Sciences in Arkansas’ Tech University in Russellville, AK, claim that humans, like animals, have the ability to detect smells and respond accordingly. Ultimately, this is crucial for survival among all species.

When people smell putrescine, they react both consciously and subconsciously.

The studies carried out by these two scientists discovered that when individuals smell putrescine, they instinctively move away, similar to how animals either flee or fight when they sense danger.

“We do not know why we like (or dislike) someone’s smell, and we’re usually not aware of how scent influences our emotions, preferences, and attitudes,” Wisman and Shira explain.

Some researchers argue that it’s difficult to imagine a scent being scary, but scents can actually heighten people’s awareness of their environment.

Sex pheromones are scents produced by males or females that trigger behavioral reactions in the opposite sex, leading them to come together for mating. This shows how scent can influence humans.

Researchers have found that putrescine sends a distinct message compared to pheromones. Interestingly, people’s reactions to putrescine, such as avoidance and hostility, appear to be opposite to their responses to sexual pheromones. However, it is important to note that humans are not consciously aware of the odor of putrescine and do not associate it with death or fear.

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