Introducing the First Plus-Size Winner of Miss Universe Nepal 2023.


The realm of beauty pageants is known for its glamour and competition, often showcasing contestants who embody grace and elegance. However, this year’s Miss Universe Nepal defied the usual beauty standards with the historic victory of Jane Dipika Garrett, the first-ever plus-size winner to claim this prestigious title.

She is a proponent of body positivity.

mun_missuniversenepal / Instagram

Jane Dipika Garrett was one of the contestants in the Miss Universe Nepal competition. She is a committed advocate for body positivity and consistently uses her social media presence to promote awareness about women’s mental health. Her victory represents a groundbreaking moment as the first plus-size contestant to win a national pageant.

mun_missuniversenepal / Instagram

Jane is of American-Nepalese descent and often leverages social media to make plus-size bodies more accepted and challenge traditional beauty norms for women. She shares, “I believe that there is not only one type of beauty standard, but every single woman is beautiful just as she is.” On her Instagram, she consistently motivates others to embrace their bodies as they are and to feel self-assured.

Her goal is to be a representative for curvy women.

jadedipika_ / Instagram

Jane stated, “As a woman who is curvy and doesn’t fit into specific beauty standards, I’m here to stand for women who are curvy, who face challenges with weight and hormonal issues.” She believes that every woman has a natural and distinct beauty. Her story serves as an inspiration for all of us to embrace our authentic selves!

Understanding how to accept our true selves is highly valuable for building self-confidence, and many individuals, like this woman who illustrates the reality of postpartum bodies, are dedicated to guiding others on this journey.

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