The ultimate sacrifice: In loving memory of Jennifer Michelle Lake


There is no love greater than that of a mother for her child!

Jennifer Lake, a 16-year-old student at Pocatello High School in Idaho, began having sudden severe headaches. She felt that something was not right, so she went to see her family doctor for a series of check-ups.

Jennifer’s doctor requested an MRI of her head, revealing a brain tumor. This news was incredibly upsetting for a teenager. She had envisioned a bright and carefree future, but now she was confronted with a challenging fight against a serious illness.

At first, the doctors told her and her family that the tumor was about two centimeters wide. However, after conducting more tests and scans, they discovered that the situation was more serious than they initially thought, and the tumor was actually larger. Unfortunately, the cancer had also spread to other areas of her body.

Jennifer was informed that her odds of surviving were low if she chose to undergo chemotherapy. She was also informed that even if she did survive, the treatment would leave her unable to have children.

Mike Lake, a truck driver from Rexburg, north of Pocatello, shared that Jenni straightforwardly inquired about her fate.

Nathan, 19, mentioned that they were informed she couldn’t conceive, so they didn’t stress about it.

Unexpectedly, the couple received surprising news that they were going to have a baby. This changed everything for Jennifer, as her ultimate dream was to be a mother.

But, that meant she had to make a tough decision. It was either her child’s life or hers at stake. In case she decided to carry on with the pregnancy, that would mean she had to stop with the chemo. 

Despite the increased danger, this brave young woman chose to listen to her heart and give birth to the baby.

Chad Michael was born nine months later.

Jennifer’s mother, Diana Phillips, remembered the day her grandchild was born. She shared how her daughter held the midwife’s hand and softly said, “I’ve done it. I’ve done what I needed to do. My baby will arrive safely!”

Jennifer was discharged from the hospital only six days after giving birth to her baby. Unfortunately, she had a very short time to enjoy the company of her little one at home. Tragically, she passed away while holding baby Chad in her arms.

Jennifer was happy she got to give birth and kiss her baby. She made the ultimate sacrifice and that speaks of what mothers are capable of doing for their children. 

Years after Jennifer’s death, her family is ensuring that Chad is aware of the sacrifices his mother made for him and the immense love she had for him. Since 2011, when she departed from this world, her story has deeply moved numerous individuals.

Jennifer’s life and journey are commemorated on a Facebook page, where people continue to honor her sacrifice.

This story touched me to the core. Please share it to keep Jennifer’s legacy alive.

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