When Twin Girls Are Born They Are Full Of Joy, The The Doctor Says “I’m Sorry”


There are some things that when we hear them we are getting prepared for bad news, one of those things is when we hear people say “I’m sorry”, and it generally means they are apologizing in advance for something bad!

In extreme situations, when people mention it, it becomes somewhat of a trendy phrase because there is a high chance that something life-altering will occur, permanently!

Six years ago, Jodi Parry and Matt were in the hospital when they heard those words that made their hearts leap, flutter, and skip a few beats!

They were experiencing the joy and fear of having children for the second time. Despite their apprehension, they were also filled with excitement. After having a healthy son, they were overjoyed at the prospect of welcoming two little angels, twin girls, into their lives!

Unfortunately, their joy would be overshadowed by stress and uncertainty as the due dates approached.

The couple was led by the doctor into a tiny waiting area where he gently addressed them. Suddenly, their entire world seemed to spiral out of control as he began to speak.

“I’m sorry…”

The doctor’s explanation left both of them shocked and struggling to understand the gravity of the situation. Abigail and Isobel, the two girls, were informed that they had been diagnosed with Down’s syndrome, a condition that would have a lasting impact on their lives.

For a while now, they had been attempting to have another child, despite already having a wonderful little boy named Finlay. Jodi, the mother, experienced a miscarriage shortly after Finlay was born, and she believed she was ready for any challenge that came her way.

Regrettably, the doctor’s words came as a shock to her, catching her completely off guard.

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Jodi mentioned that the doctor didn’t use harsh words, but the way he delivered the news made it seem like a never-ending sentence of despair.

The two girls arrived prematurely and had to remain in the intensive care unit for a complete four weeks. The situation seemed quite grim at that moment.

Jodie said:

“That day, I didn’t feel like a mother. I just felt lost and confused. I had bleak visions of the future. I thought we’d be carers until we dropped dead”

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Abigail and Isobel are extremely unique from a statistical perspective. The chances of having twins who both have Down’s Syndrome are incredibly slim, with odds of one in a million. This makes them exceptionally special and rare individuals.

The doctors reported that the young girls were born with various health problems. Abigail is unable to hear in one ear, while Isobel has a heart defect.

Matt and Jodi reluctantly absorbed the information they were receiving, even though it wasn’t what they hoped to hear. They knew they had to face the truth and deal with the situation at hand.

It is unfortunate that there was very limited information available about children with Down’s Syndrome. Surprisingly, nobody took the time to explain that these children can lead a normal life, just like any other child. This lack of awareness extended to other aspects as well.

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It took them some time to understand because nobody had explained that their family could lead a fairly ordinary life together.

Matt and Jodi were extremely scared about how things would turn out for them.

The parents were unaware of whether their daughters would have the opportunity to attend school and communicate like other children.

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The family had to figure things out and handle everything on their own, through trial and error. They had to learn the difficult way.

Many people felt bad for the children and showed sympathy, but Abigail and Isobel were perfectly happy with the overwhelming love and care they received from their family members.

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Abigail said:

“When the doctor took us to one side to give us the results, he said he was sorry that Abigail and Isobel had Down’s syndrome. To this day I’ll never know what he was sorry for”

“And I think if I could ever meet him again, I would like to show him Abigail and Isobel and say, ‘Why did you say sorry because we wouldn’t change Abigail and Isobel for the world now.”

Today, six years later, the girls have shown the true biases that exist in society due to ignorance and narrow-mindedness.

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Every person is unique and valuable, regardless of any other factors. It is important to recognize that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to live a fulfilling life. These two children serve as clear illustrations of this truth.

It is impossible to deny the sheer happiness radiating from this beautiful family. Who could possibly argue otherwise? Absolutely no one!

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We can gain important insights from what Matt and Jodi have gone through.

You have the potential to experience more happiness than you realize, regardless of your circumstances. Even if society tries to convince you that you are not flawless, you can still achieve a high level of happiness.

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Everyone, regardless of having Down’s Syndrome, deserves equal opportunities in life. Let’s help raise awareness and spread this message to ensure inclusivity and support for all individuals.

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