In dramatic footage, a goat and a rooster rushed to save a chicken pal from a hawk.


At a farm in the Netherlands, a rooster and a goat joined forces in an incredible way to save their chicken friend from a hawk attack, something you’ve never seen before!

The CCTV camera caught a dramatic event that only lasted a few seconds! Everyone in the paddock was minding their own business when a hawk suddenly flew down from the sky, only wanting one thing: its dinner.

The chicken looks like it has already lost the fight, with its feathers scattered everywhere. But it suddenly got lucky and the odds changed in its favor.

When he saw that his friend the chicken was in trouble, the brave rooster rushed to help without hesitating.

After a few seconds, another animal in the paddock – a goat – joined in to help rescue the chicken from the bird’s sharp claws.

The brave pair eventually managed to fight off the hawk and save their friend’s life.

Jaap Beets, the 59-year-old owner of the farm, didn’t have time to react as it all happened in just 17 seconds, and he was inside the house.

Afterwards, he found out what had taken place by watching the security camera video. He was really proud of his animals.

He said that this wasn’t the first time his chickens had been protected in this way by other animals. The last time, a goat and a turkey served as guardian angels for a chicken that had been attacked.

Beets said they were proud of their rooster and goat for defending their chicken and was relieved the chicken survived. They heard screaming animals but by the time they looked, the hawk had already been and gone – it only took 17 seconds. They then checked the CCTV.

The chicken was saved thanks to the courage of two animals. The farmer said that it had only suffered two minor injuries. It took a couple of days for it to fully recover, and the other chickens stood by it and kept it company.

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