Woman was ‘dead’ for 27 minutes, but as soon as she woke up she scribbled a spine-chilling message…


As soon as she woke up, Tina gestured for something to write on and she scribbled her spine-chilling message.

Tina, a woman who was hiking with her husband of three decades, Brian, experienced a heart attack. Brian, being quick-witted, immediately performed CPR on her when he realized she had stopped breathing. Thankfully, his efforts paid off and he successfully revived her. However, from the moment the ambulance arrived until Tina reached the hospital, she faced numerous life-threatening situations. The medics had to resuscitate her six times in total, resulting in Tina being in a state of “clinical death” for a total of 27 minutes.

I can only imagine how relieved Brian must have felt when he heard the news that Tina had regained consciousness. It must have been an incredibly emotional moment for him after all the prayers and worries.

Tina remained fragile. Summoning courage, she motioned for a pen and paper. The doctors and her family sensed she had a crucial message to convey. As they passed her the pen, she inscribed something bone-chilling on the sheet. Witnesses later recounted how her words made their blood run cold.

I’m so glad she survived against all odds! To hear about her near-death experience and the important message she has to share, check out the video below.

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