If you ever come across this, turn around and run


We cannot deny that appearances always end up deceiving us, and in some cases, even the most “harmless” animal at first glance can be a fatal danger, so we must avoid being deceived by its cute appearance. Such is the case of this cute caterpillar that you should avoid since it hides a painful secret that we are sure you won’t want to confirm.

This caterpillar is known as Puss Caterpillar, we can find it both in the trees and in the garden plants and also in the parks.

It can be found in different places in Mexico and Central America, although there is no information on precisely where.

It is also known as Megalopyge Opercularis, scientifically speaking.

It looks like fluff but it really isn’t. It is a group of venomous spikes that “sting” when broken into human skin. You don’t want to imagine how painful this is.

If you were to be stung by one, you should know that the poison moves from the place where it stung you to other parts of your body. Causing you serious damage and greater pain that runs through you.

According to doctors, the use of adhesive tape is recommended to eliminate poisonous spores.

It is also necessary that you carefully wash the affected area with soap and water and immediately apply pressure to the affected part with an ice pack.
In case you do not feel any relief, it is best to attend immediately with your doctor and be careful! Do not self-prescribe anything.

Do not forget to take precautions and remember that appearances are deceiving, you must always be alert and take care of yourself, we are sure that you will not want a bite from this rare caterpillar for anything in the world. Take care of yourself!

If the information seemed important to you, do not hesitate to help us share it with your friends and family, we must be informed and prevent, share!

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