I want to grow old and not make my children dissatisfied.


Getting older is not capital.

 Everything is worth some money these days, but the age is not worth it.

 Don’t have so many “shoulds” or “shoulds” in your heart.

 There is nothing wrong with calling you “old man”, Calling you “old gentleman” is the education of the other party,

It’s none of your business. It’s a biological instinct that young people take the lead with strength; If someone gives you a seat, you must remember to say “thank you”, It was fortunate to meet great people.

“Looking back then” is not something everyone loves to hear.

This is not the age of reminiscing about bitterness and sweetness, No one wants to enjoy your glorious history and bumpy experience. The times are different after all, the wild vegetables you have eaten, Now it has become a high-end delicacy; You reclaimed wasteland, now it has become ecological destruction.

The story of the Red Army cooking the belt to satisfy their hunger, so young people can’t understand it. It’s not economical to cook a belt until now. Therefore, the topic of “thinking of the year” should be adequate. After all, “the year” is not as practical as “the present.”

Take care of nosy, especially the “nosy” at home.

The education of grandchildren is a matter for the children, not your responsibility Today is the age of “Ultraman” and “Big Big Wolf”. You are still talking about “Once there was a mountain and there was a temple on the mountain…”, That’s called ruinous tirelessness!

Don’t talk endlessly with your children, There must be a sense of the position of the “CPPCC”, which must be in place without being offside or dislocated. Take a stand on major issues, don’t care if you don’t listen.

When your children ask for your opinions, they are respectful, and they must take the initiative to pursue a leisurely life.

“Young people must be busier than you.”

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You think you can make a phone call when you have a child, The child misses you and may not even have time to call. Don’t worry about this kind of thing, compare yourself to it. Remember: Too many complaints will hurt both sides. If your child really comes to see you, don’t find a reason to keep it. Children “spend time” are the same as “spend money”, It’s a good thing to spend a minute to see you.

 If you don’t give your children a relaxed environment to “spend time”, In the future, I can only see you less and less.

Don’t think about rewards when you volunteer

Don’t always talk about the things you do for others. There are no complaints about helping children cook, laundry, and take care of them. But don’t talk in front of your children. If you understand what you don’t understand, you should be calmer. Quan should be volunteering for society.

Some things may not be able to compare the heart to the heart, “Respecting the old and loving the young” always puts “love the young” first, Because the “morning sun” is always better than the “setting sun.”

Remember: “Giving” is something to give to others, Don’t think about “finding” back again, That would make everyone unhappy.

Don’t always think about changing others.

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 The girl next door put on a short skirt and stockings when she was warm and cold. That is the girl who likes “beautiful frozen people”; My wife loses everything and can’t be perfect. It’s a “stubborn illness” that has been hard to change for many years. In fact, everyone has their own habits and ways of living,

There was no absolute wrong. If you can’t change others, try to change yourself. In fact, it is difficult for you to change. Instead of It’s better to have a peaceful coexistence, and being indifferent is worse than gesticulating.

Don’t be too stingy when dealing with others

If you have more money and less money, you have to be cheerful and generous. Needless to say to relatives and friends, It means that the children buy things to be respectful, You must also say thank you, thinking about paying. Although many people are not short of money, what we want is that kind of calmness.

Remember: there is no free lunch in the world, To enjoy harmony and happiness, you must also pay for it. It is a kind of wisdom to spend the counted pensions out of learning. “When people die, the money has not been spent.” It’s not as enlightened as before; It’s not a way to spend all your savings. After all, “people don’t die, money is gone” will be even sadder.

Sloppy is not a trivial matter.

 It’s okay to be lazy when you are old, but don’t be lazy in dressing, wearing hats, and washing up. You can maintain the hard and simple revolutionary tradition, but keep it neat and clean. Know that your hygiene and your dressing are not your own business, That is the sign of the family and the face of the children. You don’t care, because too many people care.

Don’t save tatters like you save money.

 There is a saying that “breaking a family is worth tens of thousands of dollars”, which was said last century; Seeing everything is rare, it is a sign of aging. At the moment, keeping things can’t be seen as useful or useless, it depends on frequently used and not used. Things that are not commonly.

Don’t always think about relying on your children,

Elimination of loneliness is still in itself. Since the courtyard was converted into a unit, it has been the dream of a small family. The life of a small family is like a private car, Although they all run on the same road, no one wants to carpool together.

What the elderly should train well is their own car. Even if you stay alone for a long night, you must move forward bravely. Make friends, save friendship That’s what the elderly should do as soon as possible.When you can no longer play around, still give New friends and old friends make a phone call to exchange beautiful topics that they like.

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