I planned 6 dates a week to save on food: the woman did not go to the market for 2 years.


Today it is quite common to come across stories of couples who met through a dating platform, however, these types of sites are used for other purposes, and apparently, the possibilities are endless.

In addition to looking for love, friendship, or finding someone to share your time with, it seems that now you can find someone to pay the bill. The Internet dating debate has divided opinions because just speaking on money, there are those who believe that men are what they should always pay for.

Well, it turns out that Vivian, a user of one of these sites, knew how to make the most of her meetings and confessed that she saved more than $150 per week thanks to the invitations she received.

Vivian Tu or @YourRichBFF, known on TikTok, went viral for sharing a video saying she had six dates a week so she wouldn’t have to pay for groceries.

“Between 2016 and 2018 I did not buy groceries once. I probably saved about $150 a week,”

she captioned the clip.

Obviously many began to question her and even judge her decisions, however, she said in an interview with Elite Daily that it was a “joke” at least what she wrote in the video and that she did not start dating just for food, however, He did realize that his economic needs decreased in that period.

His plan came as a fluke after moving to a new city and running into some financial problems. Alone and in New York, Vivian realized that if she went out often with people she could help her pocket a lot.

Vivian Tu, known on TikTok as @YourRichBFF, went viral on the video-sharing platform with a clip of herself claiming she went on six dates a week so she wouldn’t have to pay for groceries.

“By dining out, she was saving $50 to $100 a week that she spent on things like savings, investments, and a black Prada bag to replace my ratty Longchamp bag,” she said.

Many users began to get into the moral debate about whether or not what she did was right, harshly judging her for her actions and accusing her of “toxic femininity”, while others complimented her resourcefulness.

“Even if she doesn’t leave her number, it’s still a win: I can say I went somewhere new, ate good food and made a new connection, or at least practiced small talk,” said Vivian, who uploaded her numbers on networks after his viral moment.

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