I invited my friends to help tidy up my house instead of having a baby shower.

In the final weeks of pregnancy, many women feel tired but feel a strong need to clean their homes thoroughly. Despite not wanting to, an inner urge pushes them to finish these tasks, creating a puzzling situation. One clever mom-to-be decided to skip the usual baby shower and instead asked her friends to help with cleaning the house. It’s a smart idea that might make you question why we haven’t considered it earlier.

Being pregnant can be a lot to handle.

If you’ve been through childbirth or supported someone who has, you know there’s a lot of preparation before the new family member arrives. This involves regular visits to healthcare providers, buying maternity clothes for the growing belly, and getting various baby essentials. Especially for first-time parents, the long list of necessary items can feel like a lot to handle. However, as the pregnancy advances and nears the end, the energy to manage these tasks may decrease.

The ideal present for an expectant mom

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A gathering centered around preparing the home, called a nesting party, has become the perfect solution for moms-to-be. It might seem unconventional initially, but the concept is straightforward — your friends gather not to give you gifts, but to help clean your living space thoroughly. Think of it as a practical variation of the traditional baby shower, emphasizing practical assistance over material presents.

Nia Lui, a well-known TikTok personality, has openly shared her dislike for traditional baby showers. After discovering nesting parties on TikTok, she realized it was an ideal match for her situation. In her words, she stated, “I don’t enjoy being the focus of attention. I don’t like participating in silly games. It’s just not my thing.”

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A fantastic alternative when traditional baby showers aren’t needed.

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Since she already had plenty of baby items, Nia Lui’s main wish was to receive help with household tasks. Keeping this in mind, she asked her best friend to arrange a gathering centered around nesting instead of the typical baby shower, and her friend was happy to oblige. Putting the plan into action, the best friend started a group chat, gathering a small but committed group of friends and family to assist in preparing Lui’s living space before her baby girl’s expected arrival.

Lui thoughtfully listed tasks she wanted to get done, and each participant picked a few responsibilities from the list. In just three hours, the women collaborated efficiently, creating a warm and inviting environment perfectly suited for the upcoming arrival of the expectant mother’s bundle of joy.

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A simple way to make a pregnant woman happy.

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In Lui’s own words, she shared, “It went wonderfully. We got so much done, and it made me feel so at peace in my own home.” Beyond finishing the tasks, Lui appreciated the love and support from her close friends and family. She highlighted that this kind of gesture doesn’t have to be limited to expectant mothers alone. Her vision extended to normalizing mothers helping out their overwhelmed peers, promoting a culture of communal support.

“I believe we should kickstart a trend of just being a village and fostering a sense of community,” she advocated.

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Nesting parties still elicit a variety of responses.

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The TikTok video received a range of comments, with some expressing disagreement with the concept and others praising it as brilliant. One user stated, “Nah, my husband can clean the house and cook. My girls and I will be eating fabulous food, drinking champagne, and celebrating me.” On the flip side, there were those who celebrated the idea, saying, “I refuse to go to baby showers, but I would show up early for a nesting party.”

In a society frequently focused on materialistic celebrations, the nesting party concept serves as a heartwarming testament to the strength of communal support and practical assistance. Lui’s experience underscores the transformative influence of friends and family uniting to genuinely celebrate and alleviate the challenges faced by an overwhelmed mother-to-be.

Her plea to normalize the practice of mothers supporting each other emphasizes the importance of cultivating a robust and compassionate community, where the spirit of collective care and understanding thrives. Through her narrative, Lui serves as a powerful reminder of the value of human connection and the resilience derived from shared moments of love and solidarity.

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