If you find a dryer sheet in your mailbox, you had better know what it means


I have a new tenant. I can’t understand why, but she leaves dryer sheets in the mailbox. Whenever I find them, I take them out and throw them away, but in a few days, she leaves them again. I don’t want to ask her, but what might be the reason behind that? Check the comments…

If you come across a dryer sheet inside a mailbox, you would likely be just as confused as the people discussing it on Reddit. When checking the mailbox, we usually anticipate finding a letter or a package, but sometimes we encounter unexpected surprises.

There’s actually more to this simple household item than you might think. Dryer sheets can actually help with pest control.

A Reddit post highlighted the challenges faced by mail carriers when delivering mail due to wasp nests inside mailboxes.

Dryer sheets are being used in some areas to keep away wasps and insects. The smell and chemicals in the sheets act as a natural repellent, which is why mail carriers use them to avoid getting stung.

Wasps choose to build their nests inside mailboxes because they find protection, concealment, and warmth during the night.

Dryer sheets contain chemicals like linalool, alpha-terpineol, and benzyl acetate, which are all effective at keeping insects away.


Dryer sheets placed in mailboxes offer a cost-effective and convenient way to deter pests without using harmful chemicals. They are a safe and eco-friendly option that helps minimize harm to the environment and other unintended creatures.


If you choose to utilize this technique, here are the instructions:

Step 1: Choose a scented dryer sheet with a pleasant fragrance, as the scent is important. Go for one that smells good.

Step 2: Use tape to firmly attach the sheet inside your mailbox.

Step 3: Make sure to change the dryer sheet often to keep it working well and avoid the scent fading too much.

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