I have a deep love for pregnancy, to the extent that I’m considering offering my womb to prospective parents for $50,000.


Pregnancy is a wonderful period when a baby develops inside a mother’s belly. Some moms cherish this time and form a special bond with their unborn baby. However, there’s a unique case where a mom finds something even more special – she loves being pregnant and wishes to assist others in becoming parents.

The reason she chose to become a surrogate.

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Latorre had a compelling reason for becoming a surrogate. She endured a heartbreaking experience with a miscarriage, which left her feeling sad and isolated. However, this experience also made her grateful for her one child, as she realized that some individuals are unable to have babies at all.

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In 2019, she welcomed her second child, a son named Trey Junior. After he was born and she finished breastfeeding, Latorre felt the desire to assist another family in having a baby. Establishing a meaningful connection with the family and having the opportunity to see the baby in the future were significant to her. Additionally, she aimed to support a mother who faced challenges in having children of her own.

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She recorded and documented her surrogacy journey.

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Latorre aimed to preserve memories of her surrogacy journey, so she captured photos and videos. With assistance from a group that connects surrogates with families, she was successfully matched with the right family. This marked her initial experience as a surrogate, and the journey involved several steps.

She visited the doctor for health assessments, including blood tests, to ensure her well-being. Subsequently, Latorre signed a contract, committing to assisting the family in having a baby. As part of the process, she received injections to facilitate the surrogacy, and a specific day was chosen for the embryo transfer into her womb. For her contribution to this journey, Latorre receives compensation, typically around $50,000.

Latorre enjoys the experience of being pregnant, and her family provides her with support and encouragement.

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Latorre takes genuine pleasure in being pregnant, and her family shares in her enthusiasm. Even her children are aware that she is helping another couple by carrying their baby. Latorre expressed her sentiments on TikTok, saying, “When you love being pregnant but don’t want any more kids, you become a surrogate.” For her, pregnancy is a comfortable and enjoyable experience, holding a special significance in her life.

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In response to a comment inquiring about her partner’s approval of her being a surrogate, Latorre stated, “He lets me make my own decisions regarding my body. That’s a real man.” This indicates that her partner supports and respects her autonomy, emphasizing the strength of their mutual care and consideration for each other.

Unfortunately, Latorre has to deal with negative or rude comments on her social media.

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Latorre faces hurtful comments on her social media, with people suggesting motivations like being a surrogate solely for financial reasons. Comments such as “You’re only being a surrogate for money” or “Find a job” can be disheartening. Despite these negative remarks, Latorre remains resilient, staying true to her convictions. She understands her own reasons for being a surrogate and doesn’t allow these comments to undermine her commitment.

Latorre is determined to continue assisting other parents.

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Latorre is committed to continuing her efforts to help more parents become moms and dads by carrying babies for them. She expressed her motivation by stating, “I’m a surrogate to change a family’s life.” Latorre specifically chooses to be a surrogate for families facing challenges in having children on their own. Knowing that she is doing something extraordinary for them brings her a great deal of happiness and fulfillment.

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