I don’t have front teeth, and when I use makeup, I look like Mariah Carey.


Makeup is usually used to make us look better, but some people use it to transform themselves dramatically. A woman who’s missing some of her front teeth has amazed her fans with an incredible beauty transformation, and some have even said she looks like Mariah Carey.

Sarah knows how to surprise people.

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Sarah Andres, a woman from Edmonton, uses the username @lashesandlosing on TikTok and Instagram. She recently posted a video for her many followers, demonstrating how she creates transformations in her home beauty studio.

© lashesandlosing / Instagram

In the video, viewers saw how every visible pore on the woman’s skin seemed to vanish instantly. She transformed from her everyday attire and messy ponytail into a more elegant look – wearing a fancy evening dress with her hair styled similar to Mariah Carey’s.

People had mixed or differing reactions.

© lashesandlosing / TikTok

The video displaying Sarah’s resemblance to the world-famous singer received many comments. Most of the comments were compliments for the self-taught makeup artist who lost two of her front teeth in a biking accident.

Some users even requested a complete makeup tutorial from the woman, while others described her transformation as “amazing.”

© lashesandlosing / TikTok

However, not everyone was convinced. Some were skeptical, suggesting that the woman didn’t rely solely on makeup. One viewer mentioned that Sarah “uses a filter to hide her nasolabial folds,” and another person criticized her by saying, “It’s different when you wake up next to them in the morning.”

Many people supported Sarah and defended her, with comments like “haters are jealous.” A fan even praised her by saying, “I think you are excellent at what you do. Your makeup application is flawless.”

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