I can’t believe there’s a type of bee that sleeps in flowers,  and it’s as cute as it sounds.


Bees are insects that can fly. They are known for pollinating plants and making honey and beeswax. They have adapted to eat nectar and pollen, so you can find them on every continent except Antarctica and in every environment in the world where there are flowering plants that are pollinated by insects.

Bees are very active, energetic, and hard workers. This is one of the most obvious things about their behavior. In fact, it is thought that at least one-third of the crops we eat every day depend on bees for pollination. People use the phrase “busy as a bee” to describe someone who works hard and moves quickly while doing a lot of different things.

Even though they work a lot, they still need to sleep like any other living thing. Lucky for us, wildlife photographer Joe Neely just took some great photos of two bees cuddling up in a flower. His pictures show us a beautiful part of bug lives that we don’t usually see.

“The story behind these pictures starts when my fiancee Niccole and I went looking for poppy flowers,” said Neely. “On the way home, we saw a spot off the highway with pink flowers, so we stopped to take some pictures.”

The 38-year-old Phoenix, Arizona resident claimed, “Niccole was shooting over this orange World Mallow plant that was concealed behind all of these pink blooms, and she heard bees swarming around.” She then observes that some of the blossoms contained bees, but they weren’t flying around.

“I stopped by to look at it for a while, and more bees showed up. Soon, all the empty flowers were taken, this bee was dismissed. She scurried over to this blooming flower and joined the other person inside. I watched as he stumbled around like he was drunk and then got himself together.

Well, I never heard that bees slept in flowers, but it seems that these bees (Diadasia diminuta) sleep in the orange blooms known as Globe Mallows.The Diadasia diminuta, also called the “world mallow bee,” collects pollen from the world mallow plant, which is its favorite food. He said, “I used a Nikon D750 camera with a 150mm macro lens and an R1C1 Nikon macro flash.”

Many people were blown away by the stunning photo, and it didn’t take long for these photos to go viral. When you look at these pictures, you will be able to see how great the wild is. If you don’t believe me, scroll down and see for yourself, and don’t forget to share them with your friends and family!

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