Husband suddenly dies and leaves wife with 8 kids – his hidden disease was overlooked by everyone


Husband suddenly dies and leaves wife with 8 kids, sadly his hidden disease was overlooked by everyone…

James and Cloe Green met as teenagers and later got married when they were ready to start a family.

They both desired a big family, especially James, who was captivated by the thought of becoming a dad.

Cloe was only 17 years old when she found out she was pregnant for the first time. It was unexpected, but they were both thrilled.


When Leo, their first son, was born, they were overjoyed. After two years, they welcomed another son, Oliver, followed by a daughter, Meghan.

James and Cloe made the decision to not have any more children after their fourth child, Miley, was born with cerebral palsy and needed extra care. To ensure this, Cloe got a contraception implant. However, fate had different intentions. Surprisingly, Cloe became pregnant again.


Cloe mentioned that James believed it was destined for us to have additional children.

Shortly after, twins Lacey and Lexi came into the world. Unfortunately, they were both diagnosed with cerebral palsy, just like their older sibling.

The couple ended up having a total of eight children and concluded that it was sufficient.

Cloe stayed at home to take care of their many children, while James, who worked from home, was actively involved in their upbringing by taking them to school daily.


Cloe mentioned that he would drop off the kids at school, then head to the café for work. Afterward, he would pick the kids up and spend his time playing games and reading until bedtime. He was full of energy.

Sadly, the family’s perfect life was destroyed when James passed away unexpectedly.

Only twelve weeks after their youngest child was born, James woke up at around 4:30 in the morning feeling numb. Suddenly, he stopped breathing.


Cloe administered CPR to her husband as they waited for the ambulance. “I felt like screaming and crying, but I knew I had to stay composed,” Cloe shared. James passed away in his bed at the young age of 31.

It was unexpected when he passed away, especially since he was a fit young man, or at least that’s what everyone believed.


James actually had high blood pressure and was unknowingly dealing with hypertensive heart disease.

Cloe expressed that during her toughest times, she questioned how she would manage without James. However, when she saw those eight little faces relying on her, she realized she had to do it for them and for James.

She added that he enjoyed being a father more than anything and has empowered me to be a capable parent to handle this responsibility on my own.

The whole community came together and collected approximately $10,000 for the family. They utilized the funds to refurbish the family garden, creating a pleasant space for the children to enjoy playing.

Rest in peace, James.

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