Hunter decides not to shoot when deer approaches him to be petted.


Deers are very fearful animals; however, he approached the human who was pointing a gun at him.

For thousands of years, human beings have established relationships with animals. We chose some species and domesticated them, allowing us to live with many animals today. For their part, they have also learned to be with us, to respond to us, and show us their affection.

However, with almost two million animal species in the world, it is impossible for us to have a close relationship with all of them. And practically all wild animals are afraid of humans. Some because they have never seen an animal as strange as us and prefer not to get close; others because they have seen us and know that if they get close, they are in danger.

This is especially the case with game animals. Cervids, are a family that includes various species of elk, and deer; They are one of the most hunted animals. This is due to their striking antlers, which many people find a great decoration in their living rooms.

Hunting is a highly controversial practice because some consider that there is nothing fun in killing animals just for the sake of it. But those who support and/or practice it legally; assure that it is a form of species conservation. Although they take the life of animals, there are special hunting reserves dedicated to reproducing and studying the specimens. They allow people to pay large sums of money so that they can hunt only a few animals.

Even so, there seem to be more detractors of this practice since they assure that these beings also have feelings and do not deserve to be put on a wall. And as if the animals themselves wanted to demonstrate it, they do extraordinary things like approaching the hunter, who points threateningly.

A recent video of a deer walking directly toward its hunter went viral on social media. The man had his sights on the specimen but did not shoot, and the animal took the opportunity to approach him.

Apparently, he was curious about the figure and even let it touch it.

In the video, you can see how the deer is close to the man, who points his 4th at him. Suddenly, for some unknown reason, the hunter lowers his barrel, and the deer runs toward him. Having it so close, the man again points directly at the animal’s face, but it is not scared. On the contrary, it looks curious.

The hunter puts his rifle away and decides to pet the animal for a few seconds, which then continues on its way. This is quite peculiar because normally, deer are scared, and the fact that he went straight into potential danger left everyone in awe.

Netizens immediately began to comment that it was an attempt by the specimen to make the hunter reconsider, as if the animal knew what would happen and wanted to communicate to the man its desire to live. The truth is that no one understands the actions of this deer, but it is highly unlikely that he wanted to convey a message of peace. Still, it is striking that he let the hunter pat his head. ´

It also surprised many that the animal being so close, the hunter let it go. Some wanted to believe it was because the deer made him think again, but this is not the reason. Other users assured that it was a female; that is to say, she does not have antlers; so the hunter did not use this specimen.

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