Workers were removing the old house when they discovered a hundred-year-old chest concealed beneath the floor. They opened it in front of the camera…


For many years, the house on the edge of the neighborhood remained vacant. After it was bought, the decision was made to fix the floor, so the new owner hired workers to demolish it. The owner had left the property, and during the renovation, the construction workers stumbled upon a hidden antique chest beneath the ground level. After some discussion, they opted to record themselves opening it and take pictures of its contents.

The antique chest was more than one hundred years old. It seemed that the previous owners of the house did not hide it intentionally since no maintenance work had been done there. A winch and ropes were used to take out the chest, but it was too heavy. The lock was so rusty that it had to be ground off with a grinder. The hinges had to be sawed off as they wouldn’t budge. Instead of trash, the builders found neatly stacked silver bars inside. The owner was called to the site, and he called for an appraiser.

The silver treasure was estimated to be worth 15 million rubles solely based on its weight. Due to its historical importance, the owner may fetch a higher price for the valuable find. Coming across a silver treasure is a stroke of luck that not everyone experiences. At the very least, the owner covered the cost of acquiring it.

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