Homeless keep their space better than anyone with their own home


Unfortunately, we are experiencing a harrowing reality for many people since economic, social, and even cultural problems have affected us considerably, to the point that entire families have lost their homes.

When touring some of the cities with the largest population in Mexico, we saw how many people have been forced to live on the streets, under the fear and danger that plagues every corner.

Surprisingly, a particular case caught everyone’s attention and managed to go viral in a matter of seconds since the great saying that “being poor is not synonymous with being filthy” became evident.

The image of this homeless man has surprised the whole world since it is possible to see the completely ordered way that each of his belongings. Which are not many, but what little he has looked in harmony and clean.

Despite not having access to a person’s basic needs, such as a bathroom to clean up, a kitchen, or a room, this homeless person shows us that the fact of living on the streets does not mean that you cannot live in a dignified manner.

In the image, you can see a bed perfectly laid out on a large carpet and, above all, with clean sheets. It should be noted that we do not try to romanticize or normalize the fact of living on the streets, we want to highlight the fact that a person can be very humble and have very little, but that does not mean that they should live under a piggy bank, all full garbage, dirty and messy.

This homeowner certainly shows a great sense of taste and order. After the publication went viral, many people left messages of encouragement and congratulations for this man.

“It even looks pretty, I hope God allows this person to get a job so that they have a decent place to live, I am more than sure that they did not need something very ostentatious or big to keep it clean and tidy.”

We hope that all the people going through a situation like this manage to get ahead and get a decent place to live. Unfortunately, many factors influence it, and drug use is one of the most delicate.

This addiction undoubtedly clouds your mind and senses and leads you to lose your family, friends, and even your home.

Do not forget to share this publication and leave us your comment for this homeless man who undoubtedly made it clear that humility is one thing and poverty is quite another. You don’t need to have a lot to live with dignity.

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