Hero Mother rescues pet Goose while Breastfeeding her child.


A brave mother got recorded on household security camera footage running outside of the house while still nursing her infant. It turns out that she was running to save her pet goose from an approaching eagle.

Cait Oakley, a passionate animal lover and mother, shared the incredible event on her TikTok profile @frankythegoose, which she has given the name of her beloved goose, Frankie.

credit: Viktoria F / Alamy

After being posted, the video has received over 500 000 likes and has been shared among people all over the globe.

According to the heroic mother, she had recently lost three chicks in the same way. She first assumed this was a hawk, but when she saw a bald eagle strike her beloved goose, she understood what happened to the three chicks. She was nursing her child and just wearing her underpants at that moment.

The community responded to the clip by swiftly praising it in the feedback sections.

A commenter said, “Oh girl, I was touched by seeing you rush out only wearing your underpants to save the innocent bird’s life. I’m sure that you are a fantastic mother.”

While another commenter made fun, saying that he didn’t see the infant in her hands: “To realize that the baby was in your arms and not a pinkish water gun, I required for me to view the footage repeatedly and read the description. Well done!”

@therealmommagoose We have lost 3 chickens in the last week from what I was told was eagles which I believed hawks were preying on them but watch Frankie (our female goose) get taken. Mama bear mid breast feeding protecting her sweet Frankie. Officially living at a zoo ? #nature #geese #eagle #eagleattack #yyj #victoriabc #eagles #mamabear #geeseofinstagram #eaglesofinstagram #canadasnature #naturechannel ♬ original sound – Cait

“Clever goose, the fact that she was crying for your help at the entrance is too good to be true,” said another.

Several made jokes about how, in this case, “not that all superheroes wear capes” or even much!

According to Oakley, who spoke to CHEK News, “people are just liking Frankie so much, and he’s just having so much fun with it. it’s funny,” she is enjoying the responses to her video.

She chuckled, “I mean, it’s obviously not a thing you see often, but it’s just such a crazy strange thing to behold. People are stating that she now qualifies to reside in our home after the reaction, which makes me laugh out loud.

I was in the process of feeding her, which is why I didn’t have a shirt on, and I was just kind of gearing up for the evening, Oakley said, recalling the goose chase and his lack of clothing.

She screamed, “I just raced outside because Mike [her husband] did come out; he was like, “You’re topless.” “And I respond, “Yes, no, I’m well aware.” regrets, neighbours.”

According to CBC, Frankie was unhurt as a result of the attack: “He’s absolutely fine, incredibly sassy, as always.”

Oakley stated she was not astonished by the occurrence as she reflected at the time. “As a mother of three, I constantly breastfeed, which seems so natural. That mom’s life wrapped up. I’m always on the move.”

Congratulations to this Super Mom!

Wow, that was just incredible. Don’t forget to share the lovely story with your adored ones.

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