If you see a man with one painted fingernail, here’s what it means


During Elliot Costello’s trip to Cambodia, he met a young girl named Thea along with a group of other people.

Elliot had no idea that this meeting would deeply affect him and lead to the beginning of a movement aiming to stop child sexual abuse.

Thea always wore nail polish on her small nails. While chatting with Elliot one day, she requested to paint one of his nails. He happily agreed and enjoyed talking to the talkative girl. However, he later discovered that she had been a victim of sexual abuse in the past.

Elliot mentioned that as she painted one of my nails, he promised to always keep it that way to remember her, and by extension, her suffering.

Elliot’s motivation drove him to strive for positive change among men, aiming to reduce the number of children who become victims of sexual abuse.

Zac Efron/Instagram

He created the #PolishedMan movement, where men paint one nail to raise awareness about the one in five children who experience sexual violence.

Polished Man is dedicated to stopping sexual violence against children. The organization believes that being a Polished Man involves standing up against violent behavior and language, both in our communities and around the world.

Elliot thinks that men should take the lead in bringing about change if we want to stop the abuse of innocent children, considering that they are responsible for 96% of this kind of violence worldwide.

The purpose of the painted nail is not only to raise awareness about the daily occurrence of child abuse, but also to initiate discussions about this issue, which can lead to innovative ideas for prevention. Additionally, the hope is that people will contribute to supporting educational programs and resources for child abuse survivors, as mentioned in APlus.

We wish for more men, even famous people, to be open to joining this cause.

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