After 14 years, the woman delivered quadruplets who are identical to each other: Here’s how the girls appear now


Multiple pregnancies are not common, with only a 2% chance of having twins and an extremely low chance of having quadruplets, estimated to be one in several tens of millions. However, miracles can occur. Fourteen years ago, during her initial ultrasound, Julia found out that she was pregnant with four embryos at the same time.

The children were growing in the same placenta, making the situation complex with no certainty about their health at birth. Julia was strongly against terminating the pregnancy despite the advice given.

After the caesarean section, it was discovered that all the girls were in good health, even though two of them were born with low weights, which soon became normal. However, what stood out the most was not only the fact that Julia had given birth to quadruplets, but also that all four girls looked incredibly alike. This resemblance has continued over the years, leading to constant confusion as people often mistake one girl for another.

People are always fascinated by the unique family, trying to spot any distinctions between the girls, who have very few differences. They even wear the same glasses.

The girls are happy with their situation because their similar looks have made them popular. They have already been asked to work with different clothing brands.

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