“Here are 12 examples to show that anyone can look great in a photo within just 2 seconds.”


“Many internet bloggers share photos that reveal the truth about common photo cliches. They demonstrate that the key to achieving the fit body look of some celebrities is using specific poses and good lighting. What’s even more interesting is that anyone can give these tricks a try.”

“We’ve collected a few examples to show how posing in front of a camera can work magic. Take a look at how one body can appear so different in two photos snapped just seconds apart.”

1. Accent the foreground

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“The key thing to keep in mind is that objects placed closer to the camera appear larger in photos. This is important, especially if you want to emphasize your hips and buttocks. For instance, a great angle to use is a side view. Shift your body weight onto the leg that’s closer to the camera. This will make your butt look rounder. Move the other leg slightly forward to avoid blending with the front leg, creating a well-proportioned pose.”

2. Even volume

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You can also enhance the appearance of your buttocks by taking a photo at a half-turn angle. Shift your weight onto the leg closer to the camera and move the other leg slightly back to make both cheeks look round. Avoid putting the “far” leg in front of you, as it can make the buttocks look flat and thinner in places you’d rather not emphasize.

3. Graceful silhouette

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Avoid turning your stomach or your entire body directly toward the camera, as it can make you appear less flattering. Instead, try these tips: tuck in your tummy, move your buttocks back, and create a slight curve in your lower back. Widen your shoulders and slightly lean your upper body forward to keep your hands from looking bulky up close. For more appealing legs, shift your body weight to your back leg and stand on the toes of the other leg.

4. Curves

© alexandra_lugovaya_ / instagram.com

A crucial element in successful photos of the female buttocks is a well-defined lower back curve. The more pronounced this curve, the rounder your buttocks will appear. When it comes to choosing clothes like jeans, shorts, or bikini bottoms, a handy tip is to wear them a bit higher than your usual style. This simple trick can create a visual effect that makes your body look more toned and fit.

5. Lean forward

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When posing with your back to the camera, there are some key details to consider. Slightly lean forward and create a curve in your lower back. For an even better photo, raise your hands in the air. This will make your waist look smaller and your entire body appear more proportioned.

6. Hips on the same level

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When taking a photo with your back to the camera, try standing with a slight half-turn toward it. This way, your buttocks will look great even if you don’t shift your body weight to one leg. The key is to slightly bend your leg at the knee and put your weight on your toes. This will keep your hips level and give your butt a toned appearance.

7. Long legs

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A valuable rule for sitting positions is to maintain good posture by keeping your back straight and avoiding slouching. Cross your legs and position the knee of the upper leg slightly higher, while extending the other leg in the direction of the camera.

8. Move the hips back

© kachenok / instagram.com

This trick is most effective when you’re standing at a half-turn or taking a photo from the side. Shift your body weight to the back leg, bend the front leg at the knee, and place it on the toes. The pose is similar to making a smooth, round movement with your hips. This will make your hips appear firm and round. Place your hand on your waist to complete the pose.

9. How to handle the hands

© _mariapark_ / instagram.com

The positioning of your hands in a photo carries significant meaning. For instance, when posing in profile, avoid placing your hand on your hip or covering it with your fingers. This can hide your natural curves. Instead, position your hand slightly above your hip without touching it. This is the technique models use to create the appearance of a fit body.

10. Model poses

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For an ideal pose, it’s important to place your hands in a way that makes the overall stance look complete and balanced. As mentioned earlier, you can put your hands on your hips. It’s essential to ensure that your hands and arms don’t appear tense. An interesting pose involves bending both hands at the elbows. One hand gently hugs the waist, while the other is nearly perpendicular to the first. Keep your wrists and hands relaxed, positioning them closer to your chin or where your hair ends. Pay attention to your posture too. If you’re aiming for a high-profile shot, there’s no need to arch or slouch your back – simply lean your shoulders forward.

11. Posing on your knees

© _mariapark_ / instagram.com

Whether you’re taking a photo from the back or the side, the rule remains the same. First, separate your knees from each other. Second, avoid sitting down on your heels. It’s better to raise your body slightly and create a curve in your lower back. This will make your curves look quite appealing.

12. Accentuate your hips in front photos

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Surprisingly, you can highlight your hips even when facing the camera. Instead of standing stiffly, it’s better to shift your body weight to one side and move your hip in that direction. This will give your overall silhouette a more elegant look, accentuating your beautiful curves.

If you have any tips or tricks that help improve your photos, feel free to share them with us in the comments section below!

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