Susan Dey’s life after hit TV series “The Partridge Family” and her crush on colleague David Cassidy back in the day


Do you recall watching “The Partridge Family”? If you were a fan, you were likely captivated by the lovely Laurie Partridge, portrayed by actress Susan Dey.

Susan was given the opportunity to be part of the ABC series for four years, starting from 1970 until 1974. Despite lacking acting experience, she was chosen for the role because of her exceptional talent. It seemed as if she had already spent a lot of time in front of the camera.

Wikipedia Commons / ABC Television Network.

The singing family’s adventures on a psychedelic school bus captivated audiences as they traveled from one place to another. Their popularity soared in the U.K after success in the States.

Susan had a crush on her colleague David Cassidy, who played Keith in the show and was adored by many girls. They only started dating after the show ended, but their relationship didn’t last. They remained good friends until David published a book where he shared intimate details about their relationship, mentioning that he ended things because Susan was too innocent for him.

Susan was furious. She promised herself she would never talk to him again and declined to go to the cast reunion years later.

After her role in “The Partridge Family,” Susan appeared in numerous films and television series. She also authored a book called Susan Dey’s Secrets on Boys, Beauty, and Popularity.

Throughout the years, she received six Golden Globe and three Emmy award nominations prior to winning a Golden Globe for Best Actress for her portrayal of Grace Van Owen in “LA Law.”

Susan declined the part of Sandy in Grease, as reported by Olivia Newton John, who ended up playing Sandy, was also offered the role of Laurie in “The Partridge Family,” but her manager advised her against taking it.


Susan now lives a peaceful life in New York with her husband and children. Although she is no longer in the spotlight, she will always be remembered as someone who made our youth unforgettable. The TV series “The Partridge Family” will forever hold a special place in our hearts, regardless of the passage of time.

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