Her brother wants to be her father but his wife says no


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Life is full of surprises. The reality is that we can never predict what lies ahead or the obstacles we will encounter in the days to come.

One thing is certain though, we often find ourselves in situations where we have to make tough decisions, regardless of how difficult and demanding they may be.

In this particular story, a man faced a dilemma after the death of his parents. He wanted to adopt his younger sister, but this choice created tensions in his marriage.

He was left with a choice between his wife and his sister. To discover how he navigated through this predicament and the decision he ultimately made, continue reading the following text.

I am a 28-year-old man who has been married to my wife, who is also 28, for 2 years. We have made the decision not to have children. However, I have a younger sister who is 11 years old. Due to the significant age gap between us, I have taken on more of a fatherly role rather than just being her brother.

Unfortunately, our father passed away from pancreatic cancer, leaving two options for my sister’s care: either I take her in or our uncle, who is my dad’s brother. We asked my sister who she would prefer to live with, and she chose me.

The problem arises because my wife and I had already decided not to have children, and she is not willing to adopt my sister, especially when our uncle is an option. However, considering that my sister has lost both parents and wants to be with me, I cannot force her to live with our uncle. This disagreement has caused a lot of tension between my wife and me. The situation escalated to the point where I told her that I am going to take care of my sister regardless of her agreement, and she can either accept it or we get a divorce. Since then, we have not spoken.

I am unsure of what to do in this situation.

“I talked with my wife again. She still refused as she does not want kids. So we basically decided to go our separate ways. She said you really are choosing your sister over me. I told her I do not want to go into this discussion again but if that what you want to hear then fine. Yes my sister takes the priority now, I am choosing her over you.”

“This was our last conversation. I have been living with my sister for 1 week now. Being a single father-ish brother is definitely challenging but I am really enjoying it.”

“I got separated from my wife. I am taking care of my sister.”

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