He visits his wife daily without memory: Diary of a passion in real life.


Real-life dramas can beat any movie, and the story of these two grandpas moves you more than the 90’s romantic classic.

Through TikTok, a tender and beautiful love story was shared. This was narrated by the user known as @katiuska.bg or Catalina Guerberoff. She shared the emotional moment when a loving grandfather begins to get ready to visit his wife, who has lost her memory.

The 86-year-old man visits his 82-year-old wife daily to cheer her up and make her feel loved, like the first day they met. Not for nothing, have they been married for 59 years?

Catalina is the granddaughter of this sweet couple and decided to share her story with the world. It is incredible how their love endures over time despite the hard obstacles that life presents.

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«If you ask me what is love?, I tell you: “Look at my grandparents”. That look that says everything, without the need to say anything ».

Her granddaughter comments that her grandmother has been sick for 15 years when she lost her memory and all the memories of her life. However, when her husband visits her, she recognises him and smiles again.

At first, his grandfather speaks cautiously to his wife and asks if she remembers him. When she says yes, the man tenderly asks if he can give her a little kiss. After this, he sings to her to make her fall in love and the end, he allows himself to joke with her to hear her laugh.

Users quickly left messages in the comments, sharing how the story touched their hearts. In addition, they could not stop comparing it with the famous film Diary of a Passion, where the protagonists loved each other until the end of their days, although she was losing her memory.

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