Paris Hilton lashes out at mean online comments about son’s head: “He just has a large brain”


Living in the public eye brings both enjoyment and challenges. It offers exciting experiences like wealth, glamorous events, and socializing with influential people. However, it also subjects individuals to constant scrutiny and criticism.

Paris Hilton has had personal experience with this throughout her life in the public eye.

Recently, the situation turned sour when heartless online bullies targeted her infant son’s looks.

The businesswoman, who was previously a reality TV star, had to protect her 9-month-old son, Phoenix Barron, from negative comments about his head size on social media.

Paris, renowned for her unshakeable self-assurance, wasted no time in asserting herself and safeguarding her eldest offspring.

Paris and Carter Reum became parents to Phoenix this year through a surrogate. This is their first child together, as Carter already has a daughter named Evie from a previous relationship. They are embracing the joys and challenges of parenthood with love and dedication.

The young family recently went on a trip to New York. Paris shared a picture of herself holding her son.

In the comments, many people made mean remarks about the size of Phoenix’s head. They said hurtful things like “He’s got a big brain” and “I heard this baby was made in a lab and she didn’t even give birth to it.” Others joined in with their own negative comments.

Paris confidently defended her child against unfair criticism by stating: “There are some twisted individuals out there. My little one is completely healthy. And yes, he has seen a doctor, he just has a big brain.”

She mentioned that her parents are very focused on him. She often seeks advice from her mom and sister, Nicky Hilton. She feels fortunate to have a close relationship with her family, providing her with a strong support system.

The recent event is a reminder that celebrities can also face online criticism. It’s important to remember that children should be kept out of negativity. Paris’ courage to confront the mean trolls shows her strong love for her son.

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