He is a great soul who donated his entire life funds to make college possible for 33 Lowans.


The more you give, the more you get; that is a simple theory of nature. Generosity arises only from pure soles. The selfless soles are a great blessing to the whole community. We met a carpenter who had saved over $3 million during his life – he spent all the savings to brighten the life of 33 kids.

The carpenter’s good name was Dale Schroeder. We could say he is one of the most selfless individuals found in America. However, not many people were aware of this fascinating character when he passed away in 2005.

Dale’s death was not grieved by any of his close relatives. However, 33 strangers showed up at his memorial, all claiming to be his children.

Dale, an Iowa carpenter, has a reputation for being a tireless worker all his life. He dedicated his working hours to his job and his time to his faith.

His companion Stevie Nielsen had this to say about him; Dale went to work day after day, pushed incredibly hard, and, like many Iowans, was economical… He wore both church and working jeans.

According to Steve, Dale had a quiet life, who explained that he had worked for the same firm in Des Moines for 67 years. Dale had collected some funds due to his profession, and one day, he approached Steve with a thought he’d been considering: he wanted to donate part of his money to assist people in paying for college expenses.

Even though tuition assistance and scholarships are more readily available now, college is still highly costly for most students. Tuition fees alone might cost upwards of $30,000.

With the idea to be executed, Steve thought Dave would donate a small portion of his savings. But eventually, it turned out to be much more than he expected – all his funds were over $3 million.

Steve was amazed by Dale’s generosity and was more than happy for his friend’s kindness. The savings were spread among 33 young students for their education. Luckily most of them ended up as great characters in medicine and education.

Dale’s grant was intended to assist students who couldn’t afford college but had the necessary grades and a desire to continue their education. He was helping young adults who might have been forced to give up their ambitions.

Kira Conrad was one of these individuals. Her family couldn’t afford to pay for her college education, and she realized that even a loan would be a burden.

She was all down with her thoughts, planning to keep the full stop for education. But everything changed when Steve (on behalf of Dale) called her with the most essential news in her life. She was left out with tears.

In an interview, Kira said that it was the most incredible thing that happened in her life; a person who had never seen her fund her with all the expenses for her college.

The savings of this great hero was in action until 2019. It has been 14 years, and the funds granted many young students’ wishes. When the time of gratitude arrived, everyone needed to respect the stranger who provided them with their dreams.

Steve had mentioned that Dale had no conditions for anyone he helped. It was indeed only for the excellent course Dale had in mind.

However, he had asked for something. It’s to pay it forward. No one could repay Dale since he passed away but could follow his path of generosity.

Dale became an excellent inspiration for thousands. Also, his legacy will remain a tale written in golden letters.

Watch the video below to know more about the great man.

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