He is 90 years old and has 50 children. He had 17 children with his first wife, 17 with his second wife, 15 with his sister-in-law, and one with his mother-in-law.


An elderly Brazilian farmer, Luiz Costa de Oliveira, has made news for his unusual story. He has 33 confirmed children, and he believes there may be more than 50. His children are the result of his union with his first wife, her sister, and even their mother.

The Diario de Natal, a newspaper from the state of Rio Grande do Norte, reported on the interesting family of Costa de Oliveira from the municipality of Campo Grande.

His first wife had 17 children, and when she passed away, Maria Francisca da Silva, who is now 65, helped to raise them. Together, they had 17 more children.

Maria Francisca’s sister, Ozelita, started coming to her house often and helping with the chores. Because of this, 15 more children were born.

When it seemed like the situation couldn’t get any stranger, Francisca Maria, the mother of both women, had a child with the subject. It’s not clear which of the children was born first, but that’s what happened.

Oliveira said that God did a great job when it came to creating women, implying that he may have more children out there that he doesn’t know about, but he always enjoyed being around women.

Luiz, his wife, his sister-in-law, and his mother-in-law all together.

Some of her children sadly passed away in poverty, but the ones who made it have given her over 100 grandchildren and 30 great-grandchildren.

The man admitted he doesn’t remember everyone’s names very well, but despite the tough times and lack of money, the women said he has never treated them badly. They all seem to get along well, and even though Luiz is quite old, he claims he’s in great health. He quit smoking and drinking 40 years ago and doesn’t have any major health issues.

We don’t have any proof that his statements are true, but if they are, his story would be really strange.

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