He is 23, and she is 60. He defends her daily from people’s cruel comments


How much difference can there be in love?

Well, they say that love is blind. We do not deny it. When we fall in love, we do not see imperfect things or improper behavior in the other, everything seems rosy, and even age does not seem an impediment to falling in love.

Many say that “it is enough to be happy and that the rest does not matter”. However, not everyone believes in this fairy tale anymore. Undoubtedly there are people who no longer have enough to “be happy,” as many believe.

In a relationship, there are always different points of view, and those who will not look favorably in relationships have substantial age differences.

This is the case of 23-year-old Quran, who is not very interested in what people say, as he claims to be happy in his relationship with a woman who is 37 years older than him.

The young man affirms that despite the age difference, he has been very happy with her. He is 23 while she, Cheryl, is a 60-year-old woman! Beyond the textual age, it is easier to see the difference with a photo of them.

This couple is an easy target for criticism and negative judgments, even though they seem happy on the networks. Quran has to defend Cheryl from the attacks she receives on social networks.

These comments are not soft and don’t even stop when they are in real life. Many even doubt Quran’s mental health or are more than convinced that Cheryl is a rich woman. Things that it is common to hear when they are such disparate relationships.

“Is it true then? Otherwise, you can’t explain his fellowship! – Said one – “Is it possible that no one believes more in a sincere feeling?” commented another.

Quran usually shares many videos in company of Cheryl on his TikTok account. That’s where the comments are most unleashed, and this is not just because of the relationship. On his account, he has more than 450,000 followers.

Many have asked if their families have accepted their relationship, to which they answer yes. Cheryl’s children are older than Quran, but they feel safe with him as his partner. His parents say that as long as Quran is happy, they cannot say anything. And if they are happy, no one has to judge them.

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